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Norton 360 Multi-Device Giveaway

This year’s Norton Cybercrime Report 2012 revealed a trend towards new forms of cybercrime, such as those on social networks or mobile devices. Here’s a cool infographic that highlights this increasing trend:

With cybercriminals increasingly taking advantage of the popularity of these platforms, it might be a good idea for you to take some steps towards protecting your valuable data and personal information on your mobile devices.

Norton Cybercrime Report 2012 - Singapore
Norton Cybercrime Report 2012 – Singapore

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Norton Refreshes It Products, Drops Version Number

Last week Norton refreshes it’s product line-up to be compatible with Windows 8. Another major difference (something that I like) is they completely dropped the version number/year at the end of the product name.

Just for reference, here are the previous versions:

Norton Internet Security - Box
Norton Internet Security – Box

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