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Max Payne

Caught Max Payne over the weekend instead of the Japanese movie 20th Century Boys as the timeslot was earlier. I played Max Payne the computer game during my polytechnic days which is about 5 years ago and I still can remember some scenes from the game when watching the movie. However the storyline is a different. Overall the film was average, not too bad, but Li Xiang said it is a boring show. I wish they incorporated more “bullet time” in the show as that is what Max Payne is well known for in computer game.

I forgot to stay behind after the credits, damn it. I seriously hate movies that has a post credits scene!

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Big Stan

As usual, I am so busy with school, as said previously, I got assignment due every single week since the 3rd week of school. It is now mid October. My last day of school is 14th November 2008. I got 3 exams on the 22nd, 25th and 27th of November 2008. The confirmation date for my Taiwan trip is getting closer each day, it is now mid December 2008. I think I should be able to get the exact date at the end of this month or latest by early November 2008.

Last Friday, Li Xiang has no school, so I skipped my lecture (the lecture is quite useless as that module is not examinable) and we spend some quality time together. I sent her to school to loan her Canon 20D DSLR camera for her photography assignment and then we went to Singapore Botanical Gardens to re-take some of her shots for her photography assignment.

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