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Smarter Ways To Backup Your Data

I am a huge fan of Western Digital and I use their products for my backup purposes, I thought I might share their article on “Smarter Ways To Backup Your Data”. Personally, I am using some of the Western Digital products listed in the article below.

I am using Synology DiskStation DS413j as my NAS and inside it I have 4x 1TB WD Red hard drives. The NAS is used for backing up my media files for my Mac and PC.

Western Digital - My Cloud EX2
Western Digital – My Cloud EX2

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SingTel New Flexi/iFlexi Plans For 3G & 4G Customers

In short, this will affect new and re-contracting customers from 1st July 2012. SingTel decreases data bundle from 12GB to 2GB (2GB is for Flexi Lite, which most of us are on) and increases SMS quota from 550 to 800! Looks like we need to SMS more instead of Whatsapp.

I am pretty disappointed with this announcement actually. Instead of fixing the problem, they chose to cap everybody. Instead of fixing the overloaded base station, they chose to spend S$12 million to buy hungrygowhere.

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