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Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 4G Available In Singapore Today

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note was launched in Singapore on the 8th July 2014 and later at 12pm today, Xiaomi will be launching the Redmi Note 4G in Singapore. Similar to the previous launch, 5,000 sets of Redmi Note 4G will be made available.

The Redmi Note 4G will retail for S$229 while the Redmi Note will still be retailing for S$199.

XIaomi Redmi Note 4G
XIaomi Redmi Note 4G

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Hossan Leong Took Over SingTel’s Twitter Page Yesterday!

Hossan Leong took over SingTel’s Twitter page yesterday as part of a campaign to promote SingTel’s 4G mobile service. The hashtag #Need4GSpeed is used and if you tweet with that hashtag, Hossan and his team of actors will respond to selected tweets on-the-spot with entertaining short skits depicting the mentioned scenarios.

I tweeted “#Need4GSpeed to show off my speedtest results!” and this is the video I got back!

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SingTel New Flexi/iFlexi Plans For 3G & 4G Customers

In short, this will affect new and re-contracting customers from 1st July 2012. SingTel decreases data bundle from 12GB to 2GB (2GB is for Flexi Lite, which most of us are on) and increases SMS quota from 550 to 800! Looks like we need to SMS more instead of Whatsapp.

I am pretty disappointed with this announcement actually. Instead of fixing the problem, they chose to cap everybody. Instead of fixing the overloaded base station, they chose to spend S$12 million to buy hungrygowhere.

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Sapido MB-1132 (N+ Mobile Router)

Got the Sapido MB-1132 for NT$1,790 (~S$76.83). Thanks to my relative, Andy, who got it from Guang Hua Digital Plaza in Taiwan when he was there to attend Computex 2011.

The Sapido MB-1132 was recommended by Justin Lee and I was impressed by what it can do. In a nutshell, it can:

Box Front

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