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End Of My Internship

My internship with Sedgwick Richardson ended last Friday exactly on the 31st July 2009. This week is my one week school holiday before my school starts on the 11th August 2009.

This will be my final semester and finally I can get to click on the “File for Graduation” tomorrow after the modules that I bid have been allocated to me.

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Internship At Sedgwick Richardson

Started my internship with Sedgwick Richardson (Singapore) which deals with branding and design on Tuesday, 12th May 2009. My job is pretty straightforward but not an easy task. I covert AI/PSD files to HTML and followed by converting them into WordPress templates and of course the website will be powered by WordPress. Time seems to pass very fast there, perhaps I am busy for the whole day as there are many projects to rush. I love the flexibly here in terms of dress code as well as working hours. All they ask for, is for you to get the deliverable required by the project manager before the deadline.

Working life seems to be the total exact opposite of studying life, it seems that studying is so much more carefree than exams. Exams only happen once every 3 months and project deadline is probably twice every 3 months but when working there are like a few deadlines within the same week!

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