My internship with Sedgwick Richardson ended last Friday exactly on the 31st July 2009. This week is my one week school holiday before my school starts on the 11th August 2009.

This will be my final semester and finally I can get to click on the “File for Graduation” tomorrow after the modules that I bid have been allocated to me.

Having working for the past 2 1/2 months making me realize that my study time is precious! On average, I only go to school for 2 hours lecture daily as compared to working from 9am to 6pm daily! Of course the pros of working is that you will have greater spending power because you definitely earn more than your monthly allowance.

I would like to share my experience working with designers, project managers and clients. Programmers are lazy. Laziness is a form of efficiency. There are limitations to everything, computer cannot do wonders. But sometimes, clients fail to see the point of it.

Timimg and schedule is also important, client wants everything because they want to make the money paid worth it. But sometimes it is not because we do not stick to the schedule but client take ages to get back to you something simple and hence your whole schedule is screwed.

There are many types of designers and programmers. Some programmers are good in web while some are good with software. The same can be said for designers, some are good with print media while some are good with the web. Designers like illustrator which is good for print media. But personally I think illustrator is not suitable to create web based templates. Photoshop is a better choice because it is raster based rather than vector based.

Signing off is must and we need to make sure that everybody respect the signing off especially the client. The project manager must enforce that. If we keep changing after signing off, it makes no difference whether we sign off or not. And in the end the designer and programmer will be pissed because they will have to keep changing.

Project managers must be well verse especially in the technical area on the project he is taking on. He must understand the programmer “language” and the designer “language” so that he can communicate on behalf of us to the client better.

So to conclude, what I have learned from this internship is that, clients are flicker minded, programmers are lazy, designers have temper issues and project mangers are the middleman who suffers in silence. Communication is the key to a successful project!