Magnat Carrier Bag

The Magnat Carrier Bag contains the Magnat Board as well as pockets for other gadgets and a 13″ laptop.

It measure 38.1 x 25.4 x 6.35 (cm) and weighs about 800g. It comes in seven colors (black+black, black+yellow, blue+red, blue+lightblue, brown+orange, champagne+green and grey+pink) and is retailing for US$79.90 (S$104).

Magnat Carrier Bag - Packaging Front
Magnat Carrier Bag – Packaging Front

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Magnat Board

Magnat Board as the name cleverly implies, is a magnet board that allows you to neatly organise all your magnetic things in your bag. It is similar to Cocoon Grid-It except that it uses magnet.

It measures 33.02 x 20.32 x 1.27 (cm) and weighs 500g. It comes in six colors (green, grey, orange, purple, rose and turquoise) and is retailing for US$53.90 (S$71).

Magnat Board - Packaging Front
Magnat Board – Packaging Front

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Magnetic Organization System (MOS)

Magnetic Organization System (MOS) was born out of a Kickstarter project 2 years ago. It raised a total of US$29,376 while the initial goal is only US$6,850 goal.

MOS “Magnetic Organization System” is a unique and elegant solution for organising and keeping track of your cables. Simply set the end of your cable on the MOS when it’s not in use and the MOS will magnetically hold it in place until you’re ready to put it to use again.

Magnetic Organization System - Box Front
Magnetic Organization System – Box Front

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