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NudeAudio Move S

The NudeAudio Move S was a free gift when I purchase the NudeAudio Move M. It’s official US retail price is US$49.99 (S$67).

In Singapore, NudeAudio products are distributed by Digital Hub which is a subsidiary of Ban Leong. The official retail price for the NudeAudio Move S in Singapore is S$59. Check out Ban Leong’s eStore for the full range of NudeAudio products that Ban Leong carries.

NudeAudio Move S - Box Front
NudeAudio Move S – Box Front

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NudeAudio Move M

My good friend, Benjamin Eng, backed the NudeAudio Super M on Kickstarter. As part of NudeAudio’s way to thank the backers, they offered the backers a free NudeAudio Move S when you purchased the NudeAudio Move M from their website.

Benjamin pinged me about the offer last October and I thought it was a pretty good deal. So I ended by asking him to get it for me. I bought the NudeAudio Move M for US$69.99 (S$94) and I got the NudeAudio Move S worth US$49.99 (S$67) for free.

NudeAudio Move M - Box Front
NudeAudio Move M – Box Front

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