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Tekong Here I Come

Yeah. I heard it from the news too. 2 years only rite? So happy 🙂

» Posted By «Ąrǻĝøŕŋ» On Wednesday, 16th June 2004 @ 00:53

Good luck dude. My advice is, just dont create any trouble and obey the officers there.

» Posted By «Ąrǻĝøŕŋ» On Thursday, 10th June 2004 @ 03:01

Busy At The Food Expo

yea.. i wish this kind of customer do not exist. dont think they are customer and can do whatever they like. we are making business here and they happy2 try the samples as though they are a free gifts. :/

» Posted By «Ąrǻĝøŕŋ» On Tuesday, 1st June 2004 @ 03:04

The Day After Tomorrow

Hey man, you should watch Troy too. 😉

» Posted By «Ąrǻĝøŕŋ» On Thursday, 27th May 2004 @ 05:34

Linkin Park Coming To Singapore

Ouh.. who said that anyway? *lol*

» Posted By «Ąrǻĝøŕŋ» On Thursday, 6th May 2004 @ 03:42

“aku bu ke yi dong anymoreâ€?

I can only understand aku and anymore. duh.. Whats bu ke yi dong?

» Posted By «Ąrǻĝøŕŋ» On Thursday, 6th May 2004 @ 02:13

Primay School Friends Met Up

Aww.. the good old days eh? Always bring back the good memories.

» Posted By «Ąrǻĝøŕŋ» On Wednesday, 18th February 2004 @ 02:59

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