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Runaway Jury

I got a cousin, primary 6 and she eats a big bowl of rice filled to the brim, but she is skinny like dont know what. The point is… poor people can’t gain weight even if they eat a lot. 🙂

» Posted By AP On Tuesday, 23rd March 2004 @ 18:20

Singapore ISP Sucks

Actually, if you think from their point of view, cannot blame them. It’s not about catching them, but rather how fast you can catch them. It would not be ideal for those robbers to loiter around on the island or even worse, get to sg mainland. There is such a big upstir over this issue and if anyone was to get injured by the robbers… then people will spread rumours about sg not being as safe as it is. Then tourism rate drop, economy downturn and so on…

I think the decision to mobilize a large army to track them down is wise. It’s like telling everyone, if you dare come to sg armed, we will do whatever we can do to track you down. Think along this path and you will realise how fortunate we are to live in this secure country.

» Posted By AP On Sunday, 21st March 2004 @ 14:26

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

If you work in tanjong pagar and see the same old food everyday, you won’t feel the same. First 6 weeks, I everyday order different food to try out everything and ate so much everyday. Nowadays, my colleagues asking me why I always eat so little. Moral of the story: People like novelty, anything after that is taken for granted.

» Posted By AP On Friday, 19th March 2004 @ 00:40

WSC: Web Design Trade

wah! I just noticed you were asking for donations sia at a small corner sia. Seriously speaking, you need donations? Most likely you should donate to us, instead of the other way round sia.

» Posted By AP On Monday, 8th March 2004 @ 20:55

Gamerz: How do I register for NUS or NTU and by when do I have to register?

» Posted By AP On Monday, 8th March 2004 @ 20:50

Gamerz, I hate you man… I typed out whole chunk of crap, then click ‘Post Comment!’, then says I did not fill out name and email, then I lost everything I typed le. At least make it redirect back to the same page and preserve the original stuff I type mah.

ET: I might or might not be going to Uni, depending on ‘after NS’ circumstances, but I will most probably register for it. Regarding the course, should pick more seriously this time, instead of picking the first course I see like for poly. My current personal preference got to be economics. IT is too easy, so thought of finding something to challenge myself.

Gamerz: I’m actually quite surprised that the scope is so small, since it does not really test in depth to a person’s capability to program. Maybe it’s web design after all. A good programmer gets more useful as the complexity of the application increases. For example, ‘Hello World’ is basically a test of typing speed, but when it comes to recursive functions and complex table joins with 5 to 6 tables, thinking is required more than typing and a good programmer can do that same task 10 times or even infinitely faster and of course, come up with neater, shorter and often more efficient codes.

» Posted By AP On Monday, 8th March 2004 @ 16:53

Erm… FYI, SP did not nominate me for a good reason. I told Christopher straight that I don’t want to go. He had doubts of my ability because I always didn’t go for the workshop and the only time I went, I ran away half time. So, I simply told him, since you don’t believe in me, I might as well not go.

As far as whether can finish the test on time, erm… I don’t know the complexity and requirements, not to mention the temperature of the room and other significant factors like my emotional status, my health, hunger status, amount of sleep the other day, whether I ate too much sour plum the day before and more…

Actually, I just don’t want to say how long I will take to complete something like that. People might start to think I’m so ‘hao lian’ again.

» Posted By AP On Monday, 8th March 2004 @ 01:19

Booking For SAT I Test

Erm… I read that we can’t send only our best SAT results. So, do it mean that if we take for the ‘chance’, the universities will sort of like ‘This student takes so many times, what the hell he thinking’? I’m interested to know, because I feel like taking many times, until eventually, I manage to pass.

Anyway, for the people who’s going to choose online registration. Don’t act funny like me, dont read instructions or read and then dont follow the instructions. I read the FAQ and saw the first name and last name thingy and thought if i followed them, my name on the SAT scoresheet will be ‘hangwei low’ and I really want it to be ‘low hangwei’

So, I just fill in first name low and last name ‘hangwei’. I was thinking, hey, if i not happy, can change back the name right? I got a shocked man. Any form field can be updated except the name sia. I’m so dead.

» Posted By AP On Thursday, 26th February 2004 @ 00:58

Primay School Friends Met Up

Just to let you know, the blue screen of death if it happens often on your com, it could mean there’s bad sector on the next available hard disk sector or something like that.

So you might want want to run chkdsk /r or something to repair your hard disk.

» Posted By AP On Friday, 20th February 2004 @ 18:51

Genki Sushi

Haiz, you will never get an A.
You can only get distinction.

» Posted By AP On Thursday, 13th November 2003 @ 13:43

Short Notice

Wah, so pro sia, got interview…
Must be the boss likes your face, want to look at it more.

» Posted By AP On Saturday, 8th November 2003 @ 22:55

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