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SingTel 300Mbps Fibre Home Bundle

300M is useless if the other sites that you are surfing is mere a slow server or slow bandwidth.

» Posted By Disappointed On Friday, 29th April 2016 @ 13:52

Yes, I did that because I know that you can almost never able to book them on weekends with an exception if you can wait for weeks later. I So if you stubbornly wants weekends appointments, then wait until few months later to settle. My record high case is 1.5 months with 6 visits, only weekdays visit. Second highest 1 month with 5 visits on weekdays only, inclusive of a senior engineer/technician which they claimed so good but turned out to be worst. Third highest is 3.5 weeks with 4 visits on weekdays only too. The rest were 2-3 visits and took 1 week to 3 weeks to settle. I do not know if M1, Starhub and Republic have the same service because I only have only broadband or phone line. In the past I have 2 phone lines because it was for Dial-up modem which cannot share with another telephone.

» Posted By Disappointed On Friday, 29th April 2016 @ 13:47

Nice blog but I do not like the lousy modem at all. Any modem without any antennas are low level modems. They are much slower and less sensitive. However, they are very much cheaper, especially this brand.
But Singtel gives you free, so this is considered real good deal.

A question, is the modem a dual band function?

» Posted By Disappointed On Friday, 8th April 2016 @ 02:39

Perhaps that technician who visited your place is told to be more careful because you are writing a blog. Personal experience for 20 years of with Singtel internet service, their technician are low level types and cannot compared to the private sectors in the factories maintenance team or other engineering technicians. Before testing or connections, it is more appropriate to clean the fiber tips. Dust can block light intensity.

» Posted By Disappointed On Friday, 8th April 2016 @ 02:32

Even they give you, it is a second hand. I got a second hand after checking up so dusty at the slots. But the technician said Singtel never gives second hand. Never believes what Singtel tells you because everyone will not say their product is not good. Singtel technical service are very messy and anyone can change and mess around the reports, timings, visits and whatever information in their database. I personally experienced it until today since many years ago. The worse is their technician or even senior technician can drag your case to 4 weeks with more than 5 visits. This is already fast because I keep chasing them. If you do not chase, then you can wait forever. Their technical are so poor and need people to teach them what to do. However most of them are very stubborn and arrogant. Some will will keep doing the same things in every visits on the same problem.

» Posted By Disappointed On Friday, 8th April 2016 @ 02:25

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