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YosH` lonG lOnGgggGggg time no come here liaox.
eh, you still remember about last year ah` lolx
sorry ah, this year can’t help your mum coz workin liao.
but me and lilian also went to visit on the last day la,
this time they selling more stuffx.. luv those coffee biscuits!
ur mum say u and ah-hiang went off liao to pak tor.. haha
catch up some our time bah.. chaOx!

» Posted By Dr3aMer On Wednesday, 8th June 2005 @ 14:36

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

lestee!! Future MP liao la.. cool leh, maybe can see u perform in NDP swirlin’ ya guns ard. si bei diao!! 😀

» Posted By Dr3aMer On Sunday, 3rd October 2004 @ 00:02

Tekong Here I Come

Hey hey dude~ will miss all ya asd asd.
Take care and have a safe training okie~
will be excited to see u in ur new hairstyle too!
‘shi mu yi dai!!” lolx

» Posted By Dr3aMer On Wednesday, 9th June 2004 @ 01:08

The Best Bet

lolx, Safe training for ya NS kiez~

the Best Bet nice meh? Not like another Money Not Enough hor?

» Posted By Dr3aMer On Monday, 7th June 2004 @ 00:36

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

hiang: haha.. Chiong ah? Crowded at Pc fair meh? maybe they came by the Metro Warehouse sale one bah.. well, it’s da holidays lah, wat to do.

chan: haha, da ribs nice hor? my first time eating da ribs~ not too bad indeed~ and oh…. the Cookie Monster mudpie is nice! so is ur Jedi mudpie!!

» Posted By Dr3aMer On Friday, 4th June 2004 @ 01:10

End Of Singapore Food Expo

yeah yeah.. sO crowded xia, muzbe coz last day also lah`
lucky sold all da pretz~ 🙂
haha.. da joke really “technical terms” xia.. wahahhaa

» Posted By Dr3aMer On Thursday, 3rd June 2004 @ 02:00

Busy At The Food Expo

typical man.. dunno to be pek cek or wat, they juz take n take and take. dun give not happy, give say not enuff.

haha, have to show our best later ah` biG boss comin.. penGz~ sek ka li he come juz in time to see kiasu SGreans take 99% of his samples and not buyin! haha.. pengz!! 😀

» Posted By Dr3aMer On Tuesday, 1st June 2004 @ 00:23

Singapore Food Expo 2004

wow, ChaN~ did’nt know you uploaded the pic so fast ah.. haha.. nice nice~

Gear: Lucky you no come today ah, sOoOooOoOo Crowded!

At Wheelock place level 2 at Orchard there’s an Apple store right?

» Posted By Dr3aMer On Monday, 31st May 2004 @ 01:21

Booking For SAT I Test

wah tRav also libra??
Libra ruLEz~~!! lolx Justice scale ma…

But still dunno wanna take or not.. anywayz when’s da dateline for registration if wanna take on May too?

» Posted By Dr3aMer On Wednesday, 25th February 2004 @ 23:35

wah seh.. booked SAT liao ah..
going for local Uni?

me dunno wanna take SAT or not.. kinda confused.

To take or not to take?
haha. Pathetic Libra.. lolx

U sure can make it one man, think Logical. Makes the sense.

Lolx! 😀

» Posted By Dr3aMer On Tuesday, 24th February 2004 @ 00:52

3rd Driving Lesson

ZIP is always unreliable….. ALWAYS man…

ah.. so fast exams comin and it’s another year…

stress xia.. 3 projects within 20 days..

» Posted By Dr3aMer On Tuesday, 30th September 2003 @ 23:24

Super Busy At Expo

lol.. yar lor, preparing for NS?
wah.. had been a wet wet day…
but air fresher there? lolx

» Posted By Dr3aMer On Sunday, 21st September 2003 @ 14:11

ELIT Assignment Handed In

yar.. all go after ACAN lah..

your mom will be doin wat?

» Posted By Dr3aMer On Thursday, 18th September 2003 @ 00:39

Mooncake Festival

wah… tempting… next time shall go there eat.

anyway, juz pop by to say,
Happy Moon Cake cum Lantern cum Autrum Festival!

» Posted By Dr3aMer On Friday, 12th September 2003 @ 00:34

Life Is Unpredictable

se kar li he only open Bachalor’s Club, then we open Bachalolatte CluB? lolx.

LestB, Hope you will get done and over it soon, the Future is Bright!! =)

» Posted By Dr3aMer On Thursday, 4th September 2003 @ 15:34


haha.. wanna watch Freaky Friday one leh.. LOL.
Next photo shoot is when?
Post the photos up sooN!!!!

» Posted By Dr3aMer On Tuesday, 2nd September 2003 @ 22:41

Regarding FYP

What’s more to say, u really need to watch ur attitude.
I pity lianz now, i wun say much..
stiLL, i dun think we are enemies so wats the thing abt Frenz to Enemies and not sayin itz a bS thingy..
jUz a word meant so much, jUz a phrase meant so mUch.. itz hurts sometimes.. pardon me for being so sensative and crude.
think of who’s the ultimate cause and reflect abt urself.

» Posted By Dr3aMer On Thursday, 27th February 2003 @ 00:39

Cooling Night

hahaha… still put Dr3aMer for wat when u X[poSEd] my name liaoz…. lolX.. Merry MerrY XMaS! spiriT~

» Posted By Dr3aMer On Thursday, 12th December 2002 @ 22:34

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