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3rd Anniversary

so far 3 years liao ar…..oo..i feel old. hee.

May you guys have many many more 3yrs up ahead! haha

» Posted By ET On Friday, 26th October 2007 @ 16:34

Nokia N93i

hey..lester welcome to the computing “lingo” world…

That day i was talking about buffet and I typed Buffer!

then i msg my fren to help me buy coke, guess what? I sms him help me buy CODE!

i think NUS is making us speaking like computer!

» Posted By ET On Tuesday, 9th October 2007 @ 22:19

Anime Distributor Odex Incurs Wrath Of Netizens Over Anti-piracy Crackdown

they sure got alot of things to sue man…god bless netizen i guess. but i guess some get too agitated.

» Posted By ET On Monday, 27th August 2007 @ 16:29


somehow…whenever we compare our paper to past paper, we will feel our paper is more difficult..hahhaha…

i got the same feeling like u last sem! hahahha

» Posted By ET On Thursday, 3rd May 2007 @ 11:52

50 Memorable Things For Singaporean Teenagers

probably 10 – 12 only lah…16 make us sound so old……….lollolololol

» Posted By ET On Friday, 13th April 2007 @ 11:19

Exams Coming

guys..wanna dinner on the 4th ? my last paper also on that day, ends at 7pm i think.

can meet 8pm….heee

back to studies..another paper at 5pm

» Posted By ET On Thursday, 30th November 2006 @ 12:16

Run Out Of Drive Alphabets In Windows?

omg…….hahha…..salute u with all the drive u using…….

kk…gd luck for exam, back to study~~

» Posted By ET On Sunday, 26th November 2006 @ 22:06

Like Pig

lol…too stressed up is it? hahaa

» Posted By ET On Tuesday, 31st October 2006 @ 08:52

Suck In Programming

dun sign lah….thats why me in IS mah. I still prefer web programming also….still a source of income for me now^_^

Just sometimes i got the feeling my programming skill not that good after all….quite surface when it comes to algo. haha. we both GAM BA TE bah..v.sad over 1231 ..hai

» Posted By ET On Friday, 27th October 2006 @ 01:17

Google vs Women

a women anticipate what u need wo..haha

» Posted By ET On Sunday, 10th September 2006 @ 16:57

The Wild

same….especially when my design is not very wordpress…lol..think i will write one and enhance whenever i free. Going back to web line^^ muz practice abit before i start work on 15th.

» Posted By ET On Friday, 5th May 2006 @ 20:50

why 300 days + 2 months….kind of weird..haha

wah…got zhong shi reader wo, lester! ahaha….ai… i muz try to integrate my wordpress again after my exam……..=.= …i did it halfway back then…
Thinking of writting one myself…..simple blog …lol….see how first^^

» Posted By ET On Thursday, 4th May 2006 @ 11:22

Fujitsu Notebook S6240

dell laptop got servicing issue…i heard they dun have local service center? not sure though.

lester, how u know u are the first customer? got anything special?

yeah…my laptop repair done…2xx….luckily not too exp, highly recommended to get extended warranty!!! for those who never~~ at least 3 years!!!

» Posted By ET On Wednesday, 22nd June 2005 @ 00:17

End Of Block Leave

hi, thankx ya…hhaaha^^

haha..long time no come lor! later going to ur forum

» Posted By ET On Tuesday, 5th October 2004 @ 11:55

Happy Birthday Mom

haha….sounds tough sia..ur army life. but why does ur army life made u eat less? tot usually book out will eat more…hahaha

gan ba te !

» Posted By ET On Tuesday, 13th July 2004 @ 12:35

Linkin Park Coming To Singapore

so shd be go for the 10am talk?

» Posted By ET On Thursday, 6th May 2004 @ 10:53

Ayer Rajah Building Cave-in

i think..if they continue dig 30M here…30M there…Singapore going to be split into even smaller island…or worse…just sink n disappear!

OMG….this year is so “duo zai duo nan” for SG

» Posted By ET On Friday, 30th April 2004 @ 09:42

Meeting With ICT’s Director

why ur name on the plasma tv?

» Posted By ET On Thursday, 29th April 2004 @ 12:00

Weekend Recap

“my days are numbered” <-- sound like dying soon haha... you know "si qi jiang jin"

» Posted By ET On Wednesday, 28th April 2004 @ 10:47

lester u sound like u dying sia!

bert: what rank 36? where to see?

» Posted By ET On Tuesday, 27th April 2004 @ 10:44

sleep at 4.30am????? u can tahan? today how to work like that?

» Posted By ET On Monday, 26th April 2004 @ 11:56

for the CMS thingy…maybe u fill me in what is shout box then i do^_^

but hor..have to wait till i back from malaysia then got time bah?

» Posted By ET On Monday, 26th April 2004 @ 09:10

Ichi The Killer

seeing ur work…can’t help but think of our fyp. hahha

maybe is the font or what?

good for u……….today my LO just came..ask alot of crap graduate liao expected pay shd be how much..haha

» Posted By ET On Wednesday, 21st April 2004 @ 15:37

Starsky And Hutch

i wake up at 12++ noon, then play game for 12hrs^____^

but tired…

» Posted By ET On Monday, 19th April 2004 @ 12:41

Movies & Images

rest hard too

» Posted By ET On Friday, 16th April 2004 @ 17:37

lester….just to inform u…ur IPPT test………in week2…..could be right on the next day of a tedious training.

cos that time my bro keep complaining…today train so hard lioa then tml test…how to pass like that!

gd luck!

» Posted By ET On Friday, 16th April 2004 @ 12:49

Got My 3rd Month Pay

i think ganna kill is better than go thru torture…who knows maybe after torture…become “bai ka” or “bai chiu”?? then worse rite?

» Posted By ET On Thursday, 15th April 2004 @ 18:00

Lunch Gathering In School

sianz…i have to leave before so many pple come~~

» Posted By ET On Tuesday, 13th April 2004 @ 16:15

The Passion Of The Christ

it will be hot……the thing..cos continuously shaving many head.

better shave outside first

» Posted By ET On Tuesday, 13th April 2004 @ 17:59

is 52% or 5.2??? cos..i tot i heard 5.2%?

for 2000 patients….they gather about 10million every year…yet patient still have to pay…sucks. can fully subsidies liao i feel…

» Posted By ET On Monday, 12th April 2004 @ 14:13

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