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WordPress 3.0 Released

i’ve read the foruns and i need to put as you suggest in the forum, now its working, however the stars are too far from each other and to see why? have any suggestion, i wll continue readig the forum to found a solution

» Posted By hugo luiten On Tuesday, 22nd June 2010 @ 00:59

its know working i’ve removed the 2.80 alpah and now using 2.72 its working . But other plugin, post rating i think its also with a problem i just see the stars gray and i cant vote if i pass the mouse over it it does take any action, could you help me why the stars are gray?

» Posted By hugo luiten On Monday, 21st June 2010 @ 18:48

please update your plugin i’m using 2.80 alpha and its no working on wp 3.0 gives an error when try to activate it

» Posted By hugo luiten On Saturday, 19th June 2010 @ 19:12

D-Link DNS-323 + Wall-E

thats what i think , for router linksys, for other for example a nas, dlink , wich model did you prefer from linksys , i have to put a gigabit(1gbps), the maximum support also from the nas, what about the wrt 350 , i think it have a large rage signal, thats what i need
the nas goes until 1gbps or not?

» Posted By Hugo Luiten On Tuesday, 9th September 2008 @ 19:42

my router also goes only at 100 mbps but i wiil put a gigabit router , wich you prefer dlink ou linksys router , what you favorite model?

» Posted By Hugo Luiten On Tuesday, 9th September 2008 @ 08:08

what you think it is the best one this one of the post (dlink dns 323) or linksys nas 200

» Posted By Hugo Luiten On Monday, 8th September 2008 @ 06:30

whats the difference between this dlink dns 323 and 343 , i know that 343 have 4 bay for HD and what is the rest of the differnces , can someone say to me where is a review of 343 , and whats the major differences between both models

» Posted By Hugo Luiten On Saturday, 6th September 2008 @ 04:14

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