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The Incredibles

Life is juz unpredictable

Lots of unexpected combinations and breakup among the DMMT pple. I think I very the slow sia. now then I know. hahahaha.

I’m amazed!

really… amazed!

Still I would like to give my blessings to Lester Chan and Lixiang Surprised? Actually I’m surprised by u guys But then again I hope the L SQUARE works out Looking forward to ur red bomb Lester jia you! Lester jia you!

[extracts form weilin’s blog ;)]

» Posted By Linko On Monday, 22nd November 2004 @ 19:06

Unreal Tournament 2004

UT is 5GB !!!!! whahaha darn it man file size so large, wanna dl also hard

» Posted By linko On Saturday, 20th March 2004 @ 02:10

My 2nd Pay

go ntu’s mass comm la. heard got video editing

» Posted By linko On Tuesday, 9th March 2004 @ 00:30

China Town

y u never go visit me? hahaha i work in china town leh ahaha

» Posted By Linko On Tuesday, 13th January 2004 @ 00:38

ITP Briefing

If u wanna go overseas, frankly I will say :DUN GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leads Mepoltioan Uni (Billy’s uni) according to Billy is very very bad .He say he learn all his animation skill in Singapore, by reading bks. Also the pther uni also dun look very gd.

O ya Lester I wanna go to the course u wanna too. lol.

» Posted By Linko On Saturday, 27th September 2003 @ 01:43

Hollywood Homicide

Hahha! At least u remember got fyp haven’t finish 😛

» Posted By Linko On Wednesday, 24th September 2003 @ 01:42

Bukit Timah Hill

ya I agree with wq. u all everytime never ask one. haha

» Posted By Linko On Monday, 22nd September 2003 @ 00:37

ELIT Assignment Handed In

Did I heard food? hahaha
How long is the food fair at expo?

» Posted By Linko On Friday, 19th September 2003 @ 01:09

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