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SwitchEasy Capsule Neo For iPhone 3G

I bought mine at Chiefpick. Mine arrived within 2 days from ordering with them. I purchased both the black capsule neo and the white one as well. The reason is that I own 2 iPhones, and I wanted to see which color matched the black iPhone 3G. The black one appears to have a better feel.

All I got to say is that I love this case. It is better than the SwitchEasy Rebel cases. It has quite of a luxury feel to it. It fits perfectly and I have never used a case that provided this much protection for the iPhone. I wish they have cases like this for the original iPhone as well.

» Posted By Mark On Tuesday, 16th September 2008 @ 04:46

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Base on your current WP-UserOnline, it should be easy to count total number of users, IMHO, just add 1 when you delete a record from online table.

Actually there’s another wp-onlineusers plugin, which also includes the count of total users, but I don’t like its programming. 🙂

» Posted By Mark On Monday, 5th February 2007 @ 16:41

Yes, exactly.

» Posted By Mark On Monday, 5th February 2007 @ 10:56


The “count number of vistors” for WP-UserOnline, I mean the ability to count accumulated total number of vistors, so it will need an initial value. Sorry for not stated clearly.

With this ability, it will not need to link to an external page counter, and perhaps WP-UserOnline will count more accurate.

» Posted By Mark On Sunday, 4th February 2007 @ 19:43

Congratulations, five years, it is not an easy thing to maintain a site for 5.

I use several plugins from you, they are all so great. I have 2 suggestions, I don’t know where to write to you, so I put them here:
1.For plugin WP-UserOnline, it is wonderful, it would be even perfect if it can count number of vistors (configurable initial value). I think it is very easy to do that based on current mechanism.
2.General. Can the date/time format be configurable? I always manually to change the format in code to follow my tradition m/d/Y @ h:ia

Thanks for your efforts.

» Posted By Mark On Sunday, 4th February 2007 @ 09:24

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