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Apple TV (4th Generation)

Hi lester, Its been a few moths since u posted abt the ATV4. Just like to check how is the overall experience with the new ATV and is 32Gb enough with all the apps that u can download ? oh and do u think i can get a US set and use it in singapore ? since it might only be a different plug right ? (coz radio shack is having a promo and it like a lot cheaper then SG for the 32Gb). considering upgrading from ATV3 which i currently use with plex and the apps look interesting and not forgetting side loading of kopi intoATV4 🙂

» Posted By Marvin On Monday, 29th February 2016 @ 13:44

Fitbit Charge Review

haha I’m from SG

» Posted By Marvin On Wednesday, 6th May 2015 @ 02:15

yap they have the single pack in US. Will be good if u can feedback to their PR 🙂

» Posted By Marvin On Monday, 27th April 2015 @ 14:45

Hi Lester, can u let the PR know, they really need to bring in single pack band for the flex. Broke at least 3 bands already. All the same issue, breakage along the openings. Was lucky enough to have the fitbit Canada send me a replacement FOC, brought a 3 pack but only use the blue doesn’t make sense to buy 3 pack but use one only…… looking to get the Charge HR but like u say size issue. thus even with the charge HR i guess i will still be using flex as well. Need new bands 🙁

» Posted By Marvin On Monday, 27th April 2015 @ 02:35

WD Red With Synology DS415play

hi lester, just like to check do u think its possible to mirror a synology drive to amazon cloud drive ?

» Posted By Marvin On Saturday, 2nd January 2016 @ 01:56

Apple iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Available in Singapore From 19th September 2014

sitting on the fence, switched from note2 to 5s last year. the iPhone 6/ plus doesn’t really have that big a push factor this year. every thing seems the same other then a new form and OIS

» Posted By Marvin On Wednesday, 10th September 2014 @ 12:00

Jawbone UP24

how does this compare to flex ?

» Posted By Marvin On Friday, 15th August 2014 @ 01:52

Parallels Access For iPad

haha i brought this last week as well after seeing the promo on the papers. Damn worth it as compared to their normal pricing

» Posted By Marvin On Wednesday, 14th May 2014 @ 10:32

WD My Cloud

haha yr last sentence very poisoning

» Posted By Marvin On Saturday, 1st March 2014 @ 01:49

hows the transfer speed like? thinking of getting one to replace my mybookworld which can be very slow. but the prices in SG is kinda turn off 4Tb is like 100 more ex then amazon but warranty issue is questionable though.

» Posted By Marvin On Saturday, 1st March 2014 @ 01:33

Fitbit Flex Review

haha gotten my band replaced 6mths back. Perhaps u can jok jok the pr agency to bring in the color bands. black and slate getting abit boring haha 🙂

» Posted By Marvin On Monday, 3rd February 2014 @ 23:46

if im not wrong challenger got 10% for member. Also might need to be gentle with the fitbit band. i had one which broke off near the lcd screen at the back. there no way u can get it replace in SG at the moment if im not wrong. fitbit dun ship to Sg also, but luckily i manage to get it shipped to Canada for a friend to bring it back. hopefully our retailer with bring in more colored bands soon .

» Posted By Marvin On Sunday, 2nd February 2014 @ 19:08

Apple iPhone 5s Case (Brown)

brought mine from HK for HKD298 even cheaper then us haha. used it for 2 week and put it aside does get a bit dirty at the side. Thinking of getting some leather protector for it so not its spigen hybrid to show off the gold casing. haha

» Posted By Marvin On Thursday, 9th January 2014 @ 03:24

Apple iPad Air (Silver 16GB) (Wi-Fi + Cellular)

how do u survive with 16Gb, enough meh ?

» Posted By Marvin On Tuesday, 24th December 2013 @ 18:57

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