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Twelve South PlugBug Charger

Does it still work without the mac charger? As in just plug the module into the wall and charge your USB device?

» Posted By Michael On Monday, 2nd January 2012 @ 16:09

Apple – The Company Store

It has not changed a bit! Looks exactly the same as when i was there last September!

» Posted By Michael On Wednesday, 28th December 2011 @ 20:23

WordPress 2.6 Released

Hi Lester,

hope you can release an update of your splendid downloadmanger plugin soon.

I’m only using it since a couple of days and much to my surprise it doesn’t work with wp 2.6

Thank you in advance


» Posted By Michael On Tuesday, 15th July 2008 @ 19:58

The Wild

hi there, my names michael (: ive been an avid closet reader of your blog for some time now as i find it rather interesting.

however i couldnt resist keeping quiet anymore and had to ask, where did you get your Windows Vista from? ive been searching around for a while now.. thanks (:

» Posted By michael On Wednesday, 3rd May 2006 @ 00:15

My WP Plugins Update April 06

Thanks, great plugins! I’ve tried out WP-PostRating and WP-Email – both works like a charm!

Any ideas of making a review-plugin for reviews of books, games, music etc.? I’ve been searching the net and only found a few – and most of them were unfinished or lacking features.

» Posted By Michael On Sunday, 2nd April 2006 @ 09:14

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