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Got My 3rd Month Pay

where u get MC? haha the doc machiam stupid or wad? matters. lets all get mc and pon all the way!
Heng….i didnt bring any stuff to litespeed during that interview. phew..

» Posted By ray On Wednesday, 14th April 2004 @ 16:45

I believe if theres war in singapore..the bigger countries wont be spared too…maybe US will be “nuclear-lised” but dunno who but it wont be so soon lah…play too much C&C liao huh? tinking of war..haha

Fiz: pong teng ah…haha, 3 more weeks. Endure pple!

» Posted By ray On Wednesday, 14th April 2004 @ 14:31

haha, dats a very strong-worded post man. Theres more to handle in the world den NS Lestee…see it openly. If theres war, i dont see myself leaving thou. If Singapore sucks, den even if u go anywhere in the world, u will tink it sucks too. Lets say u move to America..and u stayed there for a period of time. Maybe 10 yrs later u come back and tell us,
USA sucks lah…after knowing they have actually alot of problems within the country?
A guy just rob u in daylight, headpointing a gun right inbetween ur face? now how bout dat?
Its not the country sucks even thou the system here is abt screwed, its ur perception and prejudice against the country dats all.
Not being patrotic but u r a singaporean and it will always be tagged along with u. so wad if u migrate? will u be happier in a foreign country where most of ur friends u made 1/2 of your life is here?

Maybe all of us shud just rot and die.

» Posted By ray On Wednesday, 14th April 2004 @ 12:17

Lunch Gathering In School

awww come on..give me a hug *blush* lolx…crazy lah…go sch say sch sucks, go work say work sucks, nv go sch say miss sch, nv go work say no work shiok. haha, we r hard to please man.

Lestee: How many Hp batteries are u bringing to tekong? =D lug 1 whole carton of batts leh.

» Posted By ray On Wednesday, 14th April 2004 @ 14:34

wah nv call me..all pong teng ah…-_-” sian, if not i take mc and go sch liao loe..haha miss u guys man…

» Posted By ray On Wednesday, 14th April 2004 @ 12:22

The Passion Of The Christ

It used to be a non-profit organisation, but than they had earn enough and they r now a coporation. How can a NON-PROFIT organisation have reserves of $189million? I nv even bother to donate to them, wad? $5+ for a call, service charge by Singtel etc etc. Prizes are the main attraction imo, do u tink the pple really care if sharon au slice off her fucking foot? shes daring and gutsy alright, but i dun tink donations comes with the risks of lives.

Btw, those enlisting soon…better get ur hair cut b4 going Tekong, u wont those officers to shave u bald! hehehe. They do not have skills.

» Posted By ray On Monday, 12th April 2004 @ 17:09

Good Friday

ya lor, i tried 1/2hr, nb all the colour run out while washing the hair, btw wad brand is ur dye? loreal 3d colour ah?

» Posted By ray On Monday, 12th April 2004 @ 10:41

hahaha, i doubt u read ur instructions about hair dying correctly. did it mention to wash off after 2 hrs? My god! max is only around 1/2 hr to 40mins? =O hahaha no wonder sure can see colour. =)

» Posted By Ray On Monday, 12th April 2004 @ 01:26

DAMM, My NS Letter Came

haha..duh! siao. i pass my napfa still go in earlier for wad? enjoy another 2 months more i oso shiok. =P

» Posted By ray On Tuesday, 6th April 2004 @ 16:56

strange leh, i got silver but than they send me the enlistment forms ( enlist on 11th June) yesterday saying i nv take napfa
-_-” i called them and they said will send another letter. I asked if napfa results affects the enlistment date. he said yes.
coz if u didnt pass napfa, u have to go in earlier for 6 weeks of training.

» Posted By ray On Tuesday, 6th April 2004 @ 08:58

my letter not here yet leh…tekong i want u!!!

» Posted By ray On Monday, 5th April 2004 @ 13:25

Dinner At Jurong Point

wad?? Calvin? which Cal? not that Cal always with WeiJian razine wan rite? so early?
if i dun get it now, mine shud be August, Novemeber.
Oh ya, btw..$$ is another thing. 2 1/2yrs is alot of money out there u can earn but so wad if u can have the $ but the kind of mentality u shud have to face this freaking damn shit world. i read the blogs of most of you guys. u all shud noe those bullshit stuff bout work.

» Posted By ray On Sunday, 4th April 2004 @ 15:38

Ok.i will take ur comments on a lighter note and shall not say much! haha btw who r u? from dmmt?…haha..den get off ur comp u potato couch! take my comments on a lighter note pls and DO-NOT piss urself off. =P

» Posted By ray On Friday, 2nd April 2004 @ 17:46

here we have, haiz..another bunch of losers..sorry to say this lestee, but if u cant face NS, i dun tink u r ready to face any tougher challenges in life. yep? no flaming but i dun tink NS is a waste of time. Yes u r gona tell me dat u r just not meant to be physcially there, but wait. I have friends skinny as a rag bone and fat as Big Mac, after Ns, they are completely different. They talk more sensibly and tink 1st b4 acting. Most of ur next 1/2 of life friends will be from NS coz these friends will go thru the shit and urine with u. so just take it as it goes. Mentally wise, u will grow more mature and oso not to mention physically. =)

» Posted By Ray On Friday, 2nd April 2004 @ 17:04

My 20th Birthday

Heya Lester! Happy Belated Bday!

» Posted By RaY On Thursday, 25th March 2004 @ 17:23

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