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Innergie 60C USB-C Laptop Adapter

Did you use the Magicable 150 with the apple charger? Is it compatible?

» Posted By Ryan On Monday, 4th February 2019 @ 17:33

HP Folio 13 Review

Thanks for the detailed review. We are planning to buy a folio 13 but knowing that it has no dvd drive is nono. Can you also confirm if it does not have an external mic jack?

» Posted By ryan On Monday, 12th March 2012 @ 00:54

Lester Chan’s Resume


We are looking for a wp developer for some contracting work for at least 1 month and perhaps up to 3 or 4. You will be working alongside our main wp developer helping building real estate plugins.

Please email through your weekly fees for a period of 4-5 weeks.


» Posted By Ryan On Thursday, 19th March 2009 @ 11:53

Forward Hotmail To Gmail

yeah this is pointless…hotmail will only let you forward to hotmail, no gmail…don’t know where you get your info from or why you would even need to sign up for windows mobile…

» Posted By Ryan On Friday, 20th February 2009 @ 04:48

Touching Love Story

Really touching and cute!

» Posted By Ryan On Monday, 20th August 2007 @ 15:08

My WordPress Plugins June 2007 Update

Thanks so much for your hard work.
man, i just updated 3 of your plugins.

My first day on WP, and you have made it awesome.
Thanks again!

» Posted By Ryan On Tuesday, 5th June 2007 @ 15:14

World Cup 2006 Day 4

Arrggg… huge soccer fan here and was quite annoyed that the US lost. 🙁

» Posted By Ryan On Wednesday, 14th June 2006 @ 03:50

Updated My WordPress Plugins

Great work! The plugins are awesome!

» Posted By Ryan On Tuesday, 12th April 2005 @ 05:28

WordPress 1.5

Awesome! I love you WP-Stats plugin!

» Posted By Ryan On Thursday, 24th February 2005 @ 22:06

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