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Adobe CS3 Master Collection

hey Lester! not a problem at all! Thanks so much for attending the workshop. 🙂 And let us know if you have any feedback or questions about the software ya!

» Posted By Sue On Thursday, 28th February 2008 @ 09:45

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Workshop

Hey Lester! not a problem at all! Glad that you and Lay Khiang can make it. 🙂 We are really happy that both of you found the workshop useful!

Will definitely try to make these workshops a regular occurrence. Will keep you and Lay Khiang updated!

Happy belated V Day!

» Posted By Sue On Friday, 15th February 2008 @ 15:10

Happy Birthday Mom

seems like a lot of ppl’s birthday on July… I’m so broke!

» Posted By Sue On Wednesday, 14th July 2004 @ 05:04

Tekong Here I Come

Ooops! You’re gone!

All the best 🙂

» Posted By Sue On Thursday, 10th June 2004 @ 18:54

Shrek 2

Bye bye everybody… I’m off to Perth 🙂

» Posted By Sue On Saturday, 22nd May 2004 @ 09:41

Weekend Recap

Refering to your previous post…

I’m using my company’s internet now. Hiak hiak.

I still don’t have internet access at home. Or at least, in my room. My bro using Singnet.. and my dad router from him.

Days at home are now so boring.

» Posted By Sue On Monday, 26th April 2004 @ 15:13

Some Rants

Too late to complain to SCV now..

My dad got pissed off by their service, he terminated everything. From TV to my cable. =(

» Posted By Sue On Friday, 23rd April 2004 @ 15:58

Kill Bill Vol 2

MaxOnline down for 15min only?

I haven’t got back access for two whole days!

The SCV channels don’t work too.

This sucks.

» Posted By Sue On Thursday, 22nd April 2004 @ 16:39

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