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Nintendo Wii

What’s the diff between the Korean and the US set?

» Posted By Terry On Saturday, 9th May 2009 @ 11:21

Nike ID T-Shirt

Cool! Maybe I should get one too.

» Posted By Terry On Tuesday, 9th December 2008 @ 23:00

Pasta de Waraku

I would actually prefer Sun with Moon to Pasta de Waraku. The pastas are good but not fantastic. With $60 I think I can enjoy better food at Sun.

» Posted By terry On Sunday, 15th July 2007 @ 21:52

Java EE

Think it is the business (commercial company) programming like to use Java. Can earn more $$$

» Posted By Terry On Wednesday, 7th March 2007 @ 11:49

My 22nd Birthday

Yo chan mali chan, you’re a year wiser. Happy birthday! (sorry that its belated..)

» Posted By Terry On Monday, 27th March 2006 @ 13:28

Ladder 49

Hey alvin.. how’s ur SISPEC coming along?? I’m posted to hendon camp btw.

And lester, i’m damn speechless about ur new girlfriend. I’ve confirmed with your new girlfriend last sunday and it was really damn shocking LOL. GOOD LUCK!!

I CAN”T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha.

» Posted By Terry On Saturday, 6th November 2004 @ 01:10

Relationship?!! Who? WHO?? tell me hahah.

» Posted By Terry On Friday, 29th October 2004 @ 20:26

Linkin Park Coming To Singapore

dong is the hokkien word.

as in tahan (malay) not move (chinese)

» Posted By Terry On Wednesday, 5th May 2004 @ 17:20

Clark Quay

I’m thinking of going also. But 6K is alot..

» Posted By Terry On Saturday, 24th April 2004 @ 11:32

Kill Bill Vol 2

Ya sucks la starhub!!!

» Posted By Terry On Thursday, 22nd April 2004 @ 10:33

Ichi The Killer

ATTENTION.. pls click here

» Posted By Terry On Wednesday, 21st April 2004 @ 14:45

Lunch Gathering In School

Paycheck nice rite.. another underated movie.

» Posted By Terry On Tuesday, 13th April 2004 @ 21:47

Country Mana

Hahaha lester you finally made it!!!!!!!!

» Posted By Terry On Tuesday, 6th April 2004 @ 14:17

Dinner At Jurong Point

Chill guys. there’s always pros and cons, just make the best use out of the situation.

IMO, cutting 2 years of education and shortening the length of NS to 1.5 -2 years may be a good solution.

» Posted By Terry On Monday, 5th April 2004 @ 11:57

The Haunted Mansion

But I think Darren very very fake you know.

» Posted By Terry On Tuesday, 30th March 2004 @ 17:19

My 20th Birthday

Happy brthday chan mali chan. see you so touched very funny u noe hahah.

» Posted By Terry On Thursday, 25th March 2004 @ 02:00

I Am God Damm Pissed

Anyway it kinda reminds me that I saw one incident which is even more stupid than yours. I went to thailand last year and i saw this sg family at changi airport when i flew back. their daughter was crying, kinda irritating though and her dad wanted to hit her. he hit her anyway, and i think that hit was justified because i’ll do the same too if i were him. aat that moment, a guy appeared and he appeared to be a little unstable. he shouted and walk towards the dad. “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING??” HITTING YOUR KIDS IN THE PUBLIC??? LOOK!!! (he turned to the tourists) THS IS HOW SINGAPOREAN PARENTS TEACH THEIR KIDS!!!!!! (damn..he’s a sgrean also). Like you, the dad was dumb founded and never spoke a word. That guy continued, “THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO TEACH YOUR KIDS!!! THEY CRY, YOU HIT!!! (He went very near the guy and pointed at the dad’s body) WHO THE FUCK YOU THINK YOU ARE TO DO THAT!!! POOR CHILDREN!!” Man if I’m the dad I’ll be damn pissed off and I’ll defintely give him a punch on his ass face. Just when I was feeling sorry for the dad, the dad broke down (surprise surprise. he was crying like hell) and spoke the first sentence, “Its none of your business!! She’s my child and I’ll do what I want.” he pulled her child and start hitting her. “WHAT CAN YOU DO!!!???” he said. Man I despised him. I bet there are alot better ways than doing that. The interesting part is after all the commotion, no one was there to stop them.

Interesting? A fight between a son-of-a-bitch and a coward dad. Actually i was thinking something must have hit that son-of-a-bitch because he almost broke down and he was really agitated when he shouted at the dad. But the moral of the story is, some singaporeans are just that disgraceful.

» Posted By Terry On Saturday, 13th March 2004 @ 11:20

There’s nothing you can say or argue when she shouted at you because it’ll make you look stupid and rude.

So you should just go up instead and act ah beng, push her shoulders, go near her and touch her wrinkled face and shout, “Ai li huan lou, ai ka limbei dio sibo!!!!!”


» Posted By Terry On Saturday, 13th March 2004 @ 10:59

iPod Pricing

Yea because its like after dragging the show for so long, showing what each of them are doing, then they finally meet!! hahah..

» Posted By Terry On Sunday, 22nd February 2004 @ 23:22

1. Cold Mountain not bad? I find it kinda boring, luckily got Nicole Kidman to see.
2. Ajisen’s servings quite big and the soup very sweet.
3. Only $10 sure not?? Until when??
4. You can submit their shop names in so that they are blacklisted.

» Posted By Terry On Sunday, 22nd February 2004 @ 23:21

Primay School Friends Met Up

I always have dinner at PS and MS cafe cartel but the food always come quite fast. Anyway if you go foreign countries, they don’t take you in if they know customers have to wait for more than 30 minutes. they’ll tell you to dine elsewhere.

I waited for 1.5 hours at Paragon’s Thai Express once.

» Posted By Terry On Wednesday, 18th February 2004 @ 10:59


What you said is true. There are better ways to deal with it. The way she handled it and the punishments totally reflect what kind of person she is..

She don’t think with her brains.

Anyway, what’s wrong with possessing pornographic VCDs?

» Posted By Terry On Thursday, 12th February 2004 @ 11:25

William Hung Is An Idol

Money cannot buy everything.
But no money you have nothing.

Its a proven fact that human can survive without love but not money.

» Posted By Terry On Friday, 6th February 2004 @ 10:35

Happy 21st Birthday Laily!

lucky you..very understanding parents you have.

» Posted By Terry On Monday, 2nd February 2004 @ 13:36

I Passed My Driving

Good job lester. Clean and organised.

» Posted By Terry On Friday, 9th January 2004 @ 00:02

Lei Garden Tim Sum

NICE PIC. lol..

» Posted By Terry On Tuesday, 28th October 2003 @ 01:13

Coding Search Page

26th. That’s a memorable date for me too.

“Always remember, as long as you did try your best, the outcome doesn’t matter, you will not live to regret it.”
> true.

Ur comment preview live so fun sia. hahaha.

» Posted By Terry On Thursday, 14th August 2003 @ 02:49

Regarding FYP

Well said lester. FIRST TIME. Hah..

» Posted By Terry On Tuesday, 25th February 2003 @ 01:09

Rainy Afternoon

Haha i was there. And I saw the pirated cds sellers running away from the cops.

» Posted By Terry On Tuesday, 10th December 2002 @ 03:11

Star Awards 2002

How does the blue cola taste like?

» Posted By Terry On Monday, 9th December 2002 @ 04:17

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