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Passport – Global Travel Adapter

LOL yes! You need to lift up the central part of the box where the passport was resting. It’s underneath the flooring. Well hidden! I missed them the first time too 😀

» Posted By Timothée Groleau On Monday, 4th December 2017 @ 19:50

No photos of the manual, stickers, and 18-months warranty card… Did you not find them? Hehehe 😉

» Posted By Timothée Groleau On Monday, 4th December 2017 @ 19:17

Igloohome Smart Deadbolt Lock 02 Review

Thanks Lester! I posted a reply here yesterday but it looks like discus lost it -_-‘

In any case I was just saying that I had purchased the unit just 30mns before your reply came (I was in a rush), and now I’m worried. Urgh 🙁

Losing power is pretty serious issue. When it happened to you, were you locked out? Did you try the 9v input power supply system? I bought the unit for our place in the Philippines, and it’ll be used mostly by guests and our agent, so I will not be on site to assist if there’s any problem. Reliability is a big concern 🙁

It looks like battery quality might be a common problem for digital locks. E.g. the samsung description for digital locks have strangely specific recommendations: “Recommended: 4x Alkaline – Not Recommended: Super Heavy Duty, Eveready, Rechargeable”

Please, let me know when igloohome has done the analysis of your unit!

Oh one update: It looks like igloohome will reinstate the mortice model “soon”. I would have preferred that actually (nicer drop-in replacement for door handle), but alas it wasn’t meant to be with the timing I have :/

» Posted By Timothée Groleau On Monday, 10th April 2017 @ 08:11

Thanks! So errrr, I had just gone to buy one just 1h ago before I saw your reply (argh!) and now I’m worried.

Losing power is pretty serious. My unit will be to use for our place in Boracay, most of the time by guests, or our agent, so I won’t be around to assist. When you lost power, did you get locked out? Did you tried the 9V input to supply temporary power to see if that worked?

This could also possibly be a common problem with digital locks. The digital locks from samsung have some weird very specific recommendation on batteries: “Recommended: 4x Alkaline;
Not Recommended: Super Heavy Duty, Eveready, Rechargeable”

Still, I’m hopeful. The remote PIN creation is genius. This was the seller feature for me :).

» Posted By Timothée Groleau On Sunday, 9th April 2017 @ 17:37

Hey Lester, any issue with this since your got it? Have you tried the remote no-wifi PIN generation?

» Posted By Timothée Groleau On Sunday, 9th April 2017 @ 14:31

Letv Announces Le 1, Le 1 Pro & Le Max

Looking very good I must say. Thanks for the post Lester. Do you reckon it’s on par/better than the xiaomi counterparts?

» Posted By Timothée Groleau On Sunday, 19th April 2015 @ 18:39

Griffin PowerDock 5

Thanks for the review Lester. You’re right that the cables look a lot messier than in the marketing brochure :/

For the interchangeable plug, it looks like they assume most people have one of these wall-socket-to-standard-2-pins cable at home. I know i do, so it’s fine for me. But I do agree it feels like deceptive advertising on the box itself 🙁

» Posted By Timothée Groleau On Friday, 2nd August 2013 @ 11:54

4A AC Power Adapter 6-Port USB Travel Charger

Thanks Lester!

» Posted By Timothée Groleau On Wednesday, 31st July 2013 @ 09:35

I was just about to buy that baby on a promotion at alldealasia (for S$18.90), but after seeing your post, I think I want to wait for Griffin’s PowerDock 5 as well. Have you already ordered it? Post a review once you get it, I am curious to to check if it could charge my various devices GS3, gopro, jabra, etc…

I was happy to do a search and having your site pop up first btw 🙂

» Posted By Timothée Groleau On Monday, 29th July 2013 @ 21:36

Flucard Pro Review

Just got the 16G version, but I should have read the FAQ first for my Nikon D300S:

I can see WIFI SSID only for a short while for Nikon
DSLR cameras, such as D90, D800 and D5000. The WIFI got cut off after a
very short time, how can I overcome this limitation?

At factory default settings, these cameras cut off supply of
power to SD card when the monitor is off, therefore limiting the time
the WIFI is active. Please refer to your camera manual, go to “Custom
Settings Menu” of your camera and increase the “Monitor off delay” to
the maximum.
That is more than annoying: keeping the monitor on, just to maintain power to the SD card is a sure way to drain your battery even faster 🙁

» Posted By Timothée Groleau On Friday, 27th July 2012 @ 21:00

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