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F1 Rocks Stage Tour

i want to go watch Simple Minds but alas, there are bills that need my attention.

» Posted By bioanarchism On Wednesday, 23rd September 2009 @ 13:42

Accident: Car Skidded

i am glad that you are ok.

» Posted By bioanarchism On Friday, 9th May 2008 @ 14:41

Juanita Melson – Voice of MRT

holy shit. she’s the real deal.

i don’t even know how the new sounds actually sound like.

» Posted By bioanarchism On Saturday, 3rd May 2008 @ 14:33

Lady In The Water At The Lake House

your mom sure has alot of patience despite the fact that the notebook that she had has paltry 100MHz clockspeed.

» Posted By bioanarchism On Sunday, 6th August 2006 @ 12:48

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

dude, your favorite fast food joint poll is missing out another option -> Carl’s Junior and Wendy’s

» Posted By bioanarchism On Wednesday, 26th July 2006 @ 20:04

oh yeah, true be dat. it’s true that captain barbosa was shot in the first installment but all we knew was that he slumped to the ground. but he was bleeding madly in the show, giving me the impression that he sort of died already.

well, movies are made out of fantasies.

and school is cool. good luck with your studies!

» Posted By bioanarchism On Wednesday, 26th July 2006 @ 20:02

last week to enjoy? wtf. school starting? right after ORD? wtf.

and right, what the hell was captain barbosa doing at the end of the show? and where did you get the scoop from on the trilogy? that’s like omfg. did the tit-for-tat chase for the chest on that deserted island where one of davey jones’ sailors who spoke with a “cantonese accent” provided a clue about the next upcoming installment?

one thing is for sure – johnny depp is cool. and keira knightly is on my desktop. fo shizzle. ’nuff said.

» Posted By bioanarchism On Tuesday, 25th July 2006 @ 20:22

Today Is My Last Day

congratulations on your pink IC. now it is time for that dreaded remedial training and in-camp training, but i am sure you will love them.

and oh, let’s mock at [z]eus while he waits for his pink IC.

» Posted By bioanarchism On Wednesday, 19th July 2006 @ 16:18

IT Show 2006

bound to have alot of crap. might also include stuff that has already been displayed in 3GSM.

keep a lookout for ’em.

» Posted By bioanarchism On Monday, 20th February 2006 @ 17:23

Valentine’s Day

sweetness at sky garden. i was at the rice table indonesian restaurant for a lovely 1-to-1 romantic dinner. 😀

hey lester, i like the present that you gave to sleepy. nice and simple. why didn’t i think of that?

btw, where’s my flowers, lester?! hehe. joking.

happy (belated!) valentine’s day!

» Posted By bioanarchism On Monday, 20th February 2006 @ 12:13

ATI Radeon X800 Pro

omg. you are rich. x800. omfg. am still using a 9600 pro from sapphire. 😀

» Posted By bioanarchism On Monday, 13th February 2006 @ 16:16

The Beaufort Hotel

this ajax thingy has been gaining somewhat a steady rise in popularity. previously it was chucked away by everyone else, but now i get to see it everywhere.

is it me? are my brains wols? or am i just not in tune with the sub-pop culture?

» Posted By bioanarchism On Wednesday, 28th September 2005 @ 04:20

The Cave

omg, sonicstage is dead. looks like sony has got tired of the fucking software because if they aren’t – we are.

read more -> here and here.

» Posted By bioanarchism On Friday, 9th September 2005 @ 20:07

i do not have a nw-e505. i had the chance to hold on the unit for about 2 days and explored just about every function on the nw-e505 that i could.

everything was great – it was small, light and compact, and equally snazzy looking too. it is just the ugly software that spoiled the whole show. you had to use the software to transfer files, which is why i do not really favour dumb tools such as iTunes.

» Posted By bioanarchism On Tuesday, 6th September 2005 @ 18:42

omg, i cant believe you bought the nw-e505. and while the players are nice and kickass, the sonicstage software that comes bundled with it is horrendously terrible.

it is just terrible.

» Posted By bioanarchism On Sunday, 4th September 2005 @ 21:12

Pepper Lunch

eh lar lester, put up some pics of the pepper lunch thingy. i want to conquer that place too!

» Posted By bioanarchism On Wednesday, 31st August 2005 @ 19:01

Singapore’s 40th Birthday

i was introduced to the old movie and it was rather funny and intriguing. but what i like about this new version is that johnny depp is a damn awesome actor! frekaing eccentric – kudos to tim burton for his choice!

» Posted By bioanarchism On Wednesday, 10th August 2005 @ 22:00

XXX2: The Next Level

lazy to blog? zoos has blogged from NYC. It is amazing at what he has seen in NYC for just one day. I like rastafarian taxi drivers!

(read on)

» Posted By bioanarchism On Tuesday, 10th May 2005 @ 22:53

21st Birthday Party

hey man, i know i am slow, but happy birthday man!

and oh yeah, knock it down! 😛

» Posted By bioanarchism On Sunday, 17th April 2005 @ 15:19

iPod Shuffle

i got the ipod shuffle in my hands. its very small and has a pretty cute lanyard that strings through the usb cap. the usb plug has tiny ball bearings that keeps the usb cap in place and preventing it from falling out.

the quirky thing is that, within 3 days, ipod tight-skin is ready for launch soon. its like, what the hell, its crazy. within 3 days after launch, and they are coming up with the ipod shuffle skin protector.

» Posted By bioanarchism On Monday, 17th January 2005 @ 20:25

Its 2005

KNOCK IT DOWN, brudder.

carry on.

» Posted By bioanarchism On Tuesday, 11th January 2005 @ 15:56

Merry Christmas 2004

alot of things are going. paranoia’s sectortwo has been taken away as well. life still goes on. i got a cow for christmas. 🙂 soft toy that is.

» Posted By bioanarchism On Wednesday, 29th December 2004 @ 15:33

Military Policeman

can one lar. very fast will pass by one. eventually the final few months will be like an itch that you just can’t wait to scratch away.

» Posted By bioanarchism On Sunday, 19th December 2004 @ 17:29

ABCD clearance doesnt mean you can use the Defence Minister’s private elevator. But seriously, the cookhouses really suck. MINDEF canteen really shiok.

In addition to that, there are plenty of eye candies to look upon when doing duty, especially all those young and chio temp clerks from MINDEF. The ones from Bt Panjang Camp are either old and grumpy or simply middle-aged (probably our mom’s age… *shudders*)

Drop by to the GRC and have a couple of good beer @ less than $2 per can. And be like me by sporting a beer belly by the time u say “ORD LOH!”

» Posted By bioanarchism On Thursday, 16th December 2004 @ 07:13

what. gombak base. the food there really sark. good thing shell petrol station is just across the road.

» Posted By bioanarchism On Monday, 13th December 2004 @ 21:58

The Incredibles

life is pretty neat in provost. it looks good once you POP, everything else will be a breeze.


» Posted By bioanarchism On Monday, 29th November 2004 @ 22:55

yo gamerz

hey do me favour will, ya? add me to your blog links as well. i have already added yours to mine.

by the way, i havent got the time to catch the incredibles. heard its a great show. from the looks of it, i have to really catch it.

» Posted By bioanarchism On Friday, 26th November 2004 @ 15:56

50 First Dates

wow. movie critic eh?

for food, tried cream bistro yet? fusion cuisine.

hmmm havent caught 50 first dates. maybe when i have the time, i will catch it with my girlfriend.

» Posted By bioanarchism On Saturday, 1st May 2004 @ 12:48

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