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Huawei E5372 4G Mobile Wi-Fi Modem

James: I haven’t had to use it at range, usually its next to me on my desk or in my bag. I do notice that if I’m on a floor above/below but in an open space (ie device is upstairs, im directly below it downstairs, no ceiling between), it will disconnect. Haven’t tried 5ghz mode, sorry.

» Posted By chris On Monday, 22nd December 2014 @ 17:39

Hello, I recently got the E5372 here in the Philippines with the default 1780 mAh battery. And yes, it does die rather quickly. I’ve been searching for larger capacity batteries for the device and came across your pictures. I just wanted to make sure that the 3560 mAh battery you have is for the E5372 and fits in the device. From the pictures it looks double the thickness of the original battery, lol. Thank you.


» Posted By chris On Monday, 24th November 2014 @ 23:32

Canon PowerShot S95

I have the 860 and i’m thinking of upgrading to the s95.

Can you give a quick comparison – is the s95 noticably better?

» Posted By Chris On Thursday, 30th September 2010 @ 20:21

Apple iPhone 4 Bumper

got the new bumber and you can’t plug the charger into the bottom. called apple and they said it is thier policy not to take returns and to go purchase a differant bumber. this is my first iphone and 3rd iphone 4 first one did not work right second camera didn’t work 3rd works but then got the bumber and i can’t charge it with the bumper on. WHAT A PEICE OF **** GUESS I NEED TO GO BACK TO BLACKBERRY.


» Posted By chris On Wednesday, 15th September 2010 @ 23:51

WordPress 2.0

Last comment, not my information.. Not sure how it got put in there.

Warning: fsockopen(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: No address associated with hostname in /home/xxx/xxx/domain/wp-includes/class-smtp.php on line 105

Warning: fsockopen(): unable to connect to :25 in /home/xxx/xxx/domain/wp-includes/class-smtp.php on line 105

I tried setting a few things in class-phpmail.php figuring it needed my smpt server settings, didn’t change anything.

Help 🙁

» Posted By Chris On Thursday, 26th January 2006 @ 16:02

Updated My WordPress Plugins

Anyone have any ideas for the wp-email script? The form won’t load the post right…I have no idea how to fix it.

Any help would be great.

» Posted By Chris On Friday, 15th April 2005 @ 02:43


What did you mean by me having to modify the php file to get it work work on my site? I’m not real sure what you meant…

» Posted By Chris On Wednesday, 13th April 2005 @ 01:45

Modify the email template in what way? Shouldn’t it populate the story around the form? I’m confused…

Thanks for your help, btw. 🙂

» Posted By Chris On Monday, 11th April 2005 @ 10:09

No, like, goto my site and click on the “email” link. The page it brings up does not load any other content. It messes the page all up. It’s not importing the CSS file I think, or something.

» Posted By Chris On Saturday, 9th April 2005 @ 12:25

I got the .htaccess fixed. Basically, there is a line in the file that matches that of your readme.txt WITHOUT the ^archives/.

Now, does anyone have any clue how to assign CSS to the redirected page? The form works functionally, but there is no structure to the redirected page (no CSS at all).

Thanks all.

» Posted By Chris On Saturday, 9th April 2005 @ 01:07

I’m trying to setup your wp-email plugin, but in your readme.txt it gives instructions for editing the .htaccess file if you are using friendly permalinks.

I AM using friendly permalinks, but I do not have the ReWrite rule you are mentioning. When I add it manually, I get a 500 Internal Server error.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

» Posted By Chris On Friday, 8th April 2005 @ 01:51

2 Fast 2 Furious

1 more thing he sucks crap.

» Posted By chris On Thursday, 27th November 2003 @ 23:38

I thought paul walker is the supidest person in the world and should die a slow panfull death.

» Posted By chris On Thursday, 27th November 2003 @ 23:37

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