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Updated My WordPress Plugins

Update: FIXED the print problem… I was making a silly mistake… Sorry to flood the comments 🙂

— ddman

» Posted By ddman On Wednesday, 6th April 2005 @ 00:32

OK, the print problem does not appear to be because of the include. It’s possible it’s because it’s not in “the loop”.

» Posted By ddman On Wednesday, 6th April 2005 @ 00:26


On the print plugin you show how many comments there are. I’ve added on my site a plugin that separates comments from trackbacks. Thus, the number that is displayed may be misleading (as it would be higher than I want if I have any trackbacks), but since the print plugin is pretty minimalist, it appears that the plugin is not being “included” Do you have any suggestions? What I am thinking is probably just to call that plugin individually as opposed to calling all plugins. Is the best way to do this just include(theplugin.php); ??

— ddman

» Posted By ddman On Tuesday, 5th April 2005 @ 23:46


There are several functions that are used on other pages that I am working on that for some reason don’t work when I apply them to the function. For example, $user_identity is used on my comments page to say “you are logged in as ” . $user_identity. This was written into the theme that I am using (Classic) So i am not sure what other variables have to be declared, etc. to get it up and running, but perhaps that’s worth a shot. Also in the stats plugin I am getting the foreach() error as well. I believe it is probably due to empty variables again. Like I said, I *think* you can fix this by running a simple check before you start the foreach loop, like

if ($thevariable)

but perhaps I am way off base.

Just trying to help, I think all of your plugins are pretty incredible and very helpful! THANKS!!!!!

» Posted By ddman On Tuesday, 5th April 2005 @ 23:43

lol, after posting I’ve come to realize the the useronline works after the user posts, but what if they are registered and the posting cookie is not set?

» Posted By ddman On Tuesday, 5th April 2005 @ 13:34

Using a bunch of the plugins, they are great. It seems to give errors while the databases are empty, etc… for example, the error mentioned about about useronline, if there are no users online it gives an error… perhaps check if ($usersonline) to avoid this.

Also, not sure if this is something with 1.5, but it doesn’t seem to show the username of registered users. In my experience everyone comes up as guest???

» Posted By ddman On Tuesday, 5th April 2005 @ 13:29

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