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Collected My Sony Clie

tt’s the best i can do at this time. =p

» Posted By fishie On Saturday, 22nd March 2003 @ 01:50

gt spelling mistake down there. should b destroying not distroying. hehe…..=p

(another lame post)

» Posted By fishie On Saturday, 22nd March 2003 @ 01:39

whoa pda ne~. ya should go and get one pda before terrorist or our m**lim countries attacks sg too. haha……you nv know it will become an antique after the war(s?). humanity are gd at destroying the stuff which they build in order not to let their enemies have it.
so treasure your pda~.

(oh my wad kind of crap have i posted)

» Posted By fishie On Saturday, 22nd March 2003 @ 01:31

Rainy Afternoon

porn?! wad is there to be embarressed, rite lester. you are the GREAT GURU. the one and onli one GURU~. the mighty meaty fusty old GURU~. not forgetting the richest GURU~ in the whole planet earth. none of the homo sapiens can compare to the foremost GURU of all GURUS. less in a year, lester will b awarded the BEST GURU AWARD. he will b entitled to a trip to uranus to compete with the best GURU there. sooner or later lester will be famous (or rather notorious) thoughout the whole galaxy!! he will b known as the GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU………(sound like cow in dialet)……….RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK! here comes the BIG question!!!!!! ready ppl?!!?!?

how many GURUs have i juz typed? =p

» Posted By fishie On Tuesday, 10th December 2002 @ 22:37

Study BTT

woo…..i bet you are goin to score an AD for your BTT. coz you can onli make 5 mistakes. GWAHAHHAHAHAA

» Posted By fishie On Wednesday, 13th November 2002 @ 00:22

Billy’s Farewell Party

we dirty?! aiya~ how can we compare to the POTENTIAL GURU aka LESTER.

» Posted By fishie On Monday, 11th November 2002 @ 20:31

IWED Exams Over

testing testing

» Posted By fishie On Saturday, 26th October 2002 @ 01:02

DSAL Assignment Deadline

ermm…….lester it’s DVIP not DVID. it’s a ‘P’, you know. ‘P’ for PIG, you know~. that animal which is well known for the number of hours it slept a day, you know~. hey! i know someone like that too. he slept alot in a day, you know~. he’s my classmate. i think you know him too!! you know, you know~ that guy with spec. quite tall…….he’s 1.75m. fair complexion. very fair, you know~. well……….he’s a self-declare webbie PRO. i realli think you know him. he’s always there when you look into the mirror. =p

» Posted By fishie On Friday, 18th October 2002 @ 22:16

WWWP Assignment Deadline

argh….this is the second time im typing this, argh~. i can hardly open my eyes and my brains are wreaked by the blood-sucking-hair-pulling assignments. wooo..ahh…eee…..2 more weeks….too-wwooo more weeks and it’s the end of my misery-ie-i-e-i-e-ie-………..*bing bong biang* -NO BATT-

» Posted By fishie On Thursday, 17th October 2002 @ 23:48

CANI Assignment 2 Deadline Extended

hmm……’s gd that billy extended the deadline. more time to edit my animations. =p

» Posted By fishie On Thursday, 10th October 2002 @ 00:02

Pasta Mania

this is the very first time i heard gamerz said “STRESS”. =P

» Posted By fishie On Friday, 27th September 2002 @ 19:13

WWWP Written Test

wooo……..when did gamerz start to pray?!?! *snigger*

» Posted By fishie On Tuesday, 3rd September 2002 @ 23:58

Eight Legged Freaks

eeekkkk…..i HATE spiders.

» Posted By fishie On Friday, 30th August 2002 @ 23:40

Acting Part II

realli appreciate the f5s to contribute their ‘talents’. well…..realli thankz all of u alot. i think we are goin to treat all of you earthquake. hehe…..cross your fingers!! =p

» Posted By fishie On Wednesday, 28th August 2002 @ 22:16

Triple X

whoaaa…..izit…..i wan to watch aso. hmm……i’ll watch during the weekdaes. cheaper.

» Posted By fishie On Sunday, 25th August 2002 @ 18:33

Handed In Assignments

haha…..i post my assignment in the wrong box. =p how blur of mi. =p to mi there seems to be no holidae at all. im pack with lots of things….argh. well..happy holidae to all of you ppl out there!!

» Posted By fishie On Thursday, 22nd August 2002 @ 00:15

National Day Rally 2002

too bad. i dont have the chance to watch it. is there a replay for that?

» Posted By fishie On Sunday, 18th August 2002 @ 23:54

Slackers Day

whoa……… rushing my assignments and there lamerz is sitting there allowing himself to b decomposed. keke. =p

» Posted By fishie On Friday, 16th August 2002 @ 08:43

Site Coding Updated

count mi out. =p

» Posted By fishie On Tuesday, 13th August 2002 @ 21:32

Duck Noodle

whoa……..wad duck noodle……sounds yummy. The Signs looks scray. eek. at 1st i tot it’s some sort of sci-fic show. haiz. as usual i havent watch MIB2. i know. i know. im w-o-l-s. sometimes im too bz to go and watch. other times im too lz to get my butt into the cinema.
*whew* the heat is here. i guess ppl in dmmt knows wad. the ASSIGNMENT FEVER! work work work. think think think. type type type. click click click. wad else……….haha.

» Posted By fishie On Thursday, 8th August 2002 @ 23:28

The Touch

im to post my craps again. (/me pts to lester.) (-_-;)
yup. i agree with you al. lester is a rich boy. he always look out for new stuff and pounce on it with it’s in the store. hahaha. i made him sound like an animal. =p neway, i learn that humans are aso animals. muz thankz my life science teacher, dr.puah aka bar code lecturer. =)
the funny thing about this lecturer is that he gave away the ans during the test 2dae. haiyo…..i should have ask him more instead of juz listening to his tone. haha…..interesting teacher.

» Posted By fishie On Wednesday, 7th August 2002 @ 22:58


aiyo……i dont wan to b a wet blanket. you lost 2 rounds out of 6 and still you are feelin so happy. =\ that’s pretty unusual.

» Posted By fishie On Wednesday, 7th August 2002 @ 00:38

JL & KN Birthday

oie…….i c all of you everydae wad. dont make mi sound as if im a wet blanket. neway, all of you have lots of fun.

» Posted By fishie On Sunday, 4th August 2002 @ 01:18

Shopping Spree

whoaa…….c i told you, you are a rich kid. never was there a time you wan to accept the truth. your mom is getting a brand new car for you. not excluding all the accessories. she even paid for your kipling bag and pouch. let mi stress again K-I-P-L-I-N-G bag and pouch. you aso drop by at Fourskin t-shirt to buy another t-shirt. once again im goin to emphasis this, A-G-A-I-N. wad else can i say, you are a lucky kid.
nvm lester, i know you are goin to deny those statements ive stated above. IN thE enD, everyone will agree with mi. this is a sURe win case. =p

» Posted By fishie On Sunday, 28th July 2002 @ 23:47

Long Day

wad’s BTT??

» Posted By fishie On Sunday, 28th July 2002 @ 17:58

McDonalds Rocks

whoa………should i send a mail to raffles hotel aso? i think i nid more recently infos. y dont you, lester, do the mailing again. =p
recently, ive been kinda “heartless” (or bo xim). i din go to my friends’ birthdae parties. arghh…….feelin kinda gulity nw. well……cant realli blame mi. i gt lots of assignments to do. luckily, my club din gimme anything to do. *whew*

» Posted By fishie On Wednesday, 24th July 2002 @ 22:18


oops…….gt lots of grammar errors. my sentence structures are pretty bad……..gotto brush up.

» Posted By fishie On Thursday, 18th July 2002 @ 23:37

hahaa…… make your ptn sounds like some blacklisted criminal. she’s pretty nice in some sense. as in carring a cheerful smile with her whereever she goes. well……you cant realli blame her for restricting us to serve in the web rite. neway, that’s wad a responsible teacher should do. frankle, i dont realli mind if she does nothing during practical. it gives mi more freedom to choose the practicals. Futhermore the documents she uploaded (or whoever) is pretty interesting. (i think =p)

yup im kinda lookin forward to CANI. after 3 weeks of practical. i cant realli grasp the concept of the function curve. oh dear, this realli sounds pretty bad. pray hard that i will complete my assignments in time. =\

» Posted By fishie On Thursday, 18th July 2002 @ 23:35

CANI Assignments

yo. lester. we might b changing the company. coz it seems pretty difficult to get info. and we are not that familiar with banks. well…….keep your fingers cross.

» Posted By fishie On Thursday, 18th July 2002 @ 10:59

CD Rack


» Posted By fishie On Monday, 15th July 2002 @ 21:59

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