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Live Range

wah sounds fun man….. abit envious of u guys now…. army might be tough, but it is a once in a live time experience, none for gals….

» Posted By jacq On Sunday, 12th September 2004 @ 07:56

Lunch At Breeks

i was also at GV marina yest! so hot, i tot even the aircon in the theatre will be off….. hengz…..

» Posted By jacq On Saturday, 5th June 2004 @ 12:38

My New Router

ya, error….. i wan to watch…..

» Posted By jacq On Thursday, 13th May 2004 @ 00:08

Funny: Company Memo

well, if the company pays at least 5k per month, would u ppl still wan it?? lol

» Posted By jacq On Wednesday, 5th May 2004 @ 09:52

The Passion Of The Christ

my sentimentals too man!

ask all commoners lk us to donate, and yet those big heads lk ministers, singtels, etc, nvr make any sound….. and they still have to make money out from DONATIONS!

so wat’s the point in donating when wat u donate don go full amount to patients?

» Posted By jacq On Monday, 12th April 2004 @ 09:59

Singapore ISP Sucks

there’s roughly 700 soldiers n police ovr tat small island…… so exaggerating!!

it is as if lk those officers got nothing to do in spore, tat’s y all mobilise to go catch 3 arm robbers, with 2 or 3 pistols….. zzzzz

i hope they are not caught man, then can throw those stupid officers’ face!!!

» Posted By jacq On Friday, 19th March 2004 @ 10:08

Nanyang Polytechnic

NTU n NUS exempt this SAT I requirement….. but not SIM or SMU leh…. so it still the same some how or other?
sch starts at dec?? lol how bad can it get man….

» Posted By jacq On Monday, 1st March 2004 @ 11:35


“any guy who doesn’t does that is gay” i agree to this sentence! even though i am a gal here lar… lol

i agree, the punishment was too much….. in fact none of the punishment was rite….. however, i wonder they were punished for having a pirated vcd, Or a porno vcd???

i mean the reason for punishing them must be correct rite?!

» Posted By jacq On Thursday, 12th February 2004 @ 11:42

The 46th Grammy Awards

hmmm guys have no shame tat y tok openly?? whahaha (kidding)

guys and gals cannot be the same type wat!!! if same type, then guys/gals will still need gals/guys respectively ??

and since it’s stated gals tok, y guys still so kpo in wanting to know wat it is abt?! 38 rite….?!

» Posted By jacq On Wednesday, 11th February 2004 @ 13:25

Lunar New Year Eve’s Eve

lol, ain’t the 500 suppose to share among frens??? whaha
so the moral is, don drive on the left side of the road loh….. especially, since u r no longer L-plate….

» Posted By jacq On Wednesday, 21st January 2004 @ 11:02

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