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Bridging Huawei HG256s & D-Link DIR-855

Thanks for this simple instructions! now i’m connecting using my dlink 685 and its a hoot! horrible QoS on the HG256S… now it’s all prim and proper!


» Posted By Kenny On Tuesday, 18th October 2011 @ 09:59

Updated 8 Of My WordPress Plugins

Just wanted to let you know i also got the cgi bug

“Warning: Unexpected character in input: ‘’ (ASCII=15) state=1 in /usr/local/dh/cgi-system/php.cgi on line 1240

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /usr/local/dh/cgi-system/php.cgi on line 1240”

in WP-PostRatings dated 10/2, Wp-UsersOnline 205 in addition to the WP-Polls 2.12. All were fixed using the code swap you provided at
Sorry I’m cluterting up your blog… I’ll post anymore findings in the forum.

» Posted By Kenny On Tuesday, 3rd October 2006 @ 11:37

That worked! I’m a little slow when it comes to these things. Just wanted to let you know I did have a cgi error that happed when voting on my hosting provider “Dreamhost”, but I found my answer here:
The replacement code worked. The forums are great. Thanks for your time and effort in making these plugins! Cheers!

» Posted By Kenny On Monday, 2nd October 2006 @ 09:37

I’m a long time user your your plugins… I think in your lastest WP-Polls 2.12 you might be missing some images in the images folder such as pollbar.gif. Just wanted to let you know….Unless I’m missing something. Later.

» Posted By Kenny On Sunday, 1st October 2006 @ 11:04

Final Destination 3

GaMerZ, thanks for the offer to help me. I did mangage however to figure it out. It wasn’t that bad.

My suggestion for the archives page would have it be placed on its own page by inserting some type of code like a {pollarchive} tag.

An example of what I’m talking about could be found with this plugin:

It’s just a suggestion…I don’t know if this type of implementation would work. Just something on my wish list.


» Posted By Kenny On Friday, 3rd March 2006 @ 10:47

GaMerZ, Thanks for updating your polls plugin. The install/upgrade process should really be easy now. I was wondering if you could make the polls archive viewable in a wordpress page by adding a line of code. I’m having trouble formatting the wp-polls.php to make it look like my site. I just thought viewing the polls archive though a wordpress page would make it easier to implement. Thanks again for all the hard work!

» Posted By Kenny On Tuesday, 28th February 2006 @ 13:34

My WP Plugins Update Feb 06

Hey, Thanks for updating the WP Polls plugin with the time stamp and ability to edit the poll answers. Don’t know if you remember me, but its exactly what I was looking for. Just want to say thanks!

» Posted By Kenny On Friday, 3rd February 2006 @ 13:51

3 Days To 2006

Weird, I can’t figure why I can’t see the poll bar. I did delete the cache folder in wp-content/cache if thats what you mean by clearing my wp cache (don’t know if that what that means). I also searched my poll files and I have no reference to to wp-images folder. So I think its me.

I am able to edit polls currently, but not the number of votes per answer.
For editing the polls, I would like to be able to edit the number of votes on each answer and as for the timestamp, I would like to recreate old polls that I had running on my site. I had a voting/poll system running on my site like 3 years ago and would like to recreate those polls with the exact questions, answers, number of votes per answer and the date…having a complete archive. I don’t want to lose the data even if I have to type everythng in I guess.

On something completelety different, have you thought about embeding the poll archive into a page? Just drop a line of code into a page calling the poll archives that way the archives apears with the proper theme formating? Just a thought.

I’ll keep looking for an answer as to why i’m not seeing the poll bar, and thanks for getting back to me so soon!

» Posted By Kenny On Friday, 30th December 2005 @ 16:20

I think WP-Polls v2.03 is still looking to “wp-images” for the “pollbar.gif”. I could not see it in WP2.0 until I created a wp-images folder and copied “pollbar.gif” into it, then I was able to see the bar. Could I be missing something? I did clear the chache of my browser.
On a feature request..I was wondering if you could build into the admin section a way to edit the polls. For example I would like to recreate polls I had in an older polling system, adding the poll question and answers, and I would like to assign the correct number of votes to each answer, maybe even edit the date stamp of the poll. This would also serve any purpose where one would have to truly edit a poll. Just a thought! Enjoy your holidays!

» Posted By Kenny On Friday, 30th December 2005 @ 10:46

Microsoft Windows Vista

Didn’t find anywhere else to post this but, in your “WordPress 1.5 Poll” when I use an Apostrophe a foward slash pops up. For example if I enter “girl’s” it would end up like “girl/’s”. Anyway to fix this? Poll Archives Rock!

» Posted By Kenny On Sunday, 24th July 2005 @ 23:30

WordPress 1.5.1

Just to let you know. I’m running WP After upgrading your polls plugin with the May 25th 05 update, the polls worked fine except that when i clicked “view results” it did not reload the page to display results. I had to revert back to an older “polls.php” file to get it to work. Everything is fine now. Both “polls.php” files are labled “Version: 1.5” but I did notice the code is different. Just thought I’d share what works for me. Thanks for the plugin.

» Posted By kenny On Sunday, 29th May 2005 @ 08:50

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