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Nice Weather

Congratulations on completing your 3yrs in SP!
Time to rest and relax before the next stage in your life 🙂
Wish i’d known you better – and picked up some tips on website dev. Maybe i can still keep tabs on you thru reading your blogs.
See you @ the graduation ceremony i hope.

» Posted By madmahir On Saturday, 8th May 2004 @ 23:32

I Passed My Driving

Changed the look of your site. Wasn’t sure if i went to the right one for a moment there.
Hey sorry for not turning up for the bbq. I TOTALLY forgot abt it at the last minute. Guess it shows how forgetful i am and how busy i’ve been this few days. Lotsa module and admin stuff to settle you know. Anyway i hope it was a blast! Maybe i’ll go for the next one if you have any. Or maybe we’ll all just have a weepy graduation day eh? 🙂
Welp. Have a good internship!

» Posted By madmahir On Friday, 9th January 2004 @ 01:32

2002/2003 Semester 1 Modules Results

Congrats Lester 🙂 and to all those who cleared all their modules. Those with Supp good luck! Those who need to repeat modules – all the best 2nd time around!

» Posted By madmahir On Friday, 22nd November 2002 @ 09:40

Flu Virus

Oooo…take care all. get well soon.

» Posted By madmahir On Monday, 18th November 2002 @ 10:41

Study BTT

hello lester. see what you and billy made me do? now i’ve got a blogpage – and hell it’s fun pouring out my mind. Check it out. Advertise for me.

Oh by the way….your site is ‘dope’. Guess all that design and Web modules arent a waste of time after all eh?

btw in case you’re wondering…..i’m Ahmad.

» Posted By madmahir On Wednesday, 13th November 2002 @ 14:16

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