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Alien vs Predator

Hey lester, just saw the graduation photos, it was really wonderful too bad i can’t make it to attend the ceremony!
You guys were really smart in uniforms! A very memorable event indeed! Going to miss you guys alot..hope all of you guys will pass your BMT! GoodLuck and Take Care! Do keep in contact too!!

» Posted By Sabrina On Monday, 30th August 2004 @ 14:54

Meeting With ICT’s Director

wahhahaha…maybe read ur blog too fast liao till my eyes are seeing some stars….lolz

» Posted By sabrina On Friday, 30th April 2004 @ 08:36

oops..paiseh read wrongly….lolz

» Posted By sabrina On Thursday, 29th April 2004 @ 16:44

yo les, where u guys going for backpacking?
hmm..mos burger..LJS..ooh…so long nvr been there areadi…
haha…. :p

» Posted By sabrina On Thursday, 29th April 2004 @ 09:11

Clark Quay

hahaha..whether ur kids gotta wear specs or not aso got to do with the parents’ genes..u cant escape from fate…

» Posted By sabrina On Wednesday, 28th April 2004 @ 09:28

wahahaha…hey lester, under wat conditions can u go for the lasik surgery? i mean how much must your eye degree needed to meet the requirements?

» Posted By sabrina On Saturday, 24th April 2004 @ 08:57

Kill Bill Vol 2

hmmm…i’ve watch “dawn of the dead”…quite ok lar, it’s almost the same as “Resident Evil”…

» Posted By sabrina On Thursday, 22nd April 2004 @ 08:47

My New Crumpler Bag

hahaha….work sometimes too stress liao den come read ur blog lor..lolz

» Posted By sabrina On Tuesday, 20th April 2004 @ 13:05

hey lester thanks!! :p

» Posted By sabrina On Monday, 19th April 2004 @ 09:24

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