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love the pizzadude site ..

» Posted By simon On Thursday, 30th March 2006 @ 02:25

My 22nd Birthday

oh jess .. i’m too slow .. but still

happy birthday u my friend .. =)

» Posted By simon On Tuesday, 28th March 2006 @ 02:03

GaMerZ Expenses Tracking System

darn! another great thing from the great o gamerz! didnt register but it will sound definitely great!

» Posted By simon On Friday, 5th August 2005 @ 23:53

Dad’s Nokia 6230

oh man! wat a waste chance .. if u see something that no one is near by it .. don’t tell anyone near u .. juz grab it and go off and then when u are a safe distance from where u grab the staff .. then start telling .. i hope someone will juz drop 7610 cause i love this phone!

» Posted By simon On Sunday, 6th February 2005 @ 18:18

The Cellular

nice .. like ur file explorer ..

» Posted By simon On Monday, 15th November 2004 @ 21:44

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