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Suck In Programming

VB rules man. any day.

» Posted By trav On Tuesday, 24th October 2006 @ 01:44

House Of Fury

i’ll be there too! -laughs-
looks like it’s a big reunion?

» Posted By trav On Tuesday, 12th April 2005 @ 23:22

Its March 2005

$2 to buy 4 sets of rank, $12 to have the rank sewed on 2 sets of uniform (2 sets of No. 4, 2 sets of No. 3).

uh? you have to pay to get it sewn on?

» Posted By trav On Saturday, 19th March 2005 @ 19:16

Military Policeman

you’re at gombak base? can u walk into mindef? drop by if you have the chance!

» Posted By trav On Wednesday, 15th December 2004 @ 21:58

Live Range

MeyTriKs>> the instructors collect fallen magic bullets and will hand such rounds to the next shooter. questions may be raised if there are too many unexpended rounds at the end of the shoot.

» Posted By trav On Monday, 20th September 2004 @ 21:24

ahh… at night you can see the true power of the bobo shooters: rounds that go up, up, up and away!

how to increase your score:
0) don’t IA! (clean your rifle religiously/never never hit the mag!)
1) get other people to cross fire into your lane
2) grab magic bullets (other people’s IA unexpended cartridges)

if you’re really good, you can get 33-34 out of 32.
easier to exceed the max during night shoots coz other people drop more magic bullets in the dark/shorter distance means targets are easier to hit.

» Posted By trav On Wednesday, 15th September 2004 @ 22:09

First Book Out

oh. my rsm reaches into toilet bowls in his long four and digs out shit behind the curve.

» Posted By trav On Tuesday, 6th July 2004 @ 08:01

the BMTC schools take up actually a really, really tiny piece of tekong if you look at the map or any satellite photo ๐Ÿ™‚ but i thought that the food was actually rather nice when i went there…
don’t take the sgts too seriously; they’re just trying to be funny. far from being as powerful as they like to make themselves out to be, they get arrowed with work and extras all the same. imo, the only time you really, really need to be on guard is in bmt, and after when you pass out you can be a bit more slack. ^_^

» Posted By trav On Wednesday, 30th June 2004 @ 15:02

Tekong Here I Come

NS is gonna be shortened ๐Ÿ˜‰

» Posted By trav On Tuesday, 15th June 2004 @ 22:32

Agent Cody Banks 2

mitnick is still around? gee. i wonder if he got out of jail by the ‘free mitnick’ petition…
your cuts weren’t deep enough to hit the veins, or else it’s delayed reaction: sometimes they don’t bleed until later, when stretching of the tissue causes the vessels to break.

» Posted By trav On Monday, 24th May 2004 @ 08:12

mitnick is still around? gee. i wonder if he got out of jail by the ‘free mitnick’ petition…
your cuts weren’t deep enough to hit the veins, or else it’s delayed reaction: sometimes they don’t bleed until later, when stretching of the tissue causes to vessels to break.

» Posted By trav On Monday, 24th May 2004 @ 08:11

Nice Weather

alone? ๐Ÿ™‚ gosh! now where are the much vaunted h4x0r clans? lol

» Posted By trav On Friday, 7th May 2004 @ 18:49


don’t worry if you see it in task manager… lsass is a valid windows system process… i think it’s called ‘local security authority service’ or smth… oh lester ๐Ÿ™‚ i didn’t understand what u meant by ‘normal process’ until i finished this comment :p

» Posted By trav On Monday, 3rd May 2004 @ 08:36

50 First Dates

currently i use outlook express without a spam filter or any antivirus software. i turn off the preview pane, and check out any suspicious messages by viewing source. honestly, i kinda like a bit of spam (not too much) even though i just delete them, coz i miss having people send me actual mails. hearing that new message sound is just too welcome…

» Posted By trav On Saturday, 1st May 2004 @ 23:18

i ought to make an nn spam filter and train it. it’ll be good ai practice ๐Ÿ™‚ have you tried any of those free things which link up with outlook express? they’re pretty good.

» Posted By trav On Friday, 30th April 2004 @ 23:58

Singapore ISP Sucks

heh heh. someone from cco coast guard is gonna get a demotion.
i felt that it was a good opportunity to demonstrate that the saf wasn’t soft (the usual grouse against people from ‘developed countries’): but shipping all trainees back home is akin to keeling over in the face of laughable enemies.

in peacetime you can eliminate risk completely, but there is something known as an acceptable level of risk if u wish to call yourself an army.

either way, the events have terrible implications for singapore’s security: the demonstration that spore is vulnerable to small boat landings (enemy commando teams can cross with ease), that training infantry are being treated more as civillians, and cannot be trusted to defend themselves or detect enemies (training group supervisors could be armed with a few live rounds)

» Posted By trav On Monday, 22nd March 2004 @ 12:23

the dsta security guard said this to me:
“i tell you, better quickly take your long weekend; yesterday they sent 200 troops to find them, today they have 700, by saturday they will call all the NSFs to go and find… and then you tell me what happen, what will happen to your long weekend i ask you?”

» Posted By trav On Saturday, 20th March 2004 @ 17:56

it’s saf doctrine… always outnumber your enemy 200 to 1. the trouble with tekong is that it’s more foreign to singaporeans than outsiders. so petty robbers have a significant proportion of the army cowering.

their best bet is to:
kill a lance corporal, put on his uniform, go to e-mart, purchase a colonel rank, order entry into the ammo base, take all the weapons, hitch a free ride on the fast craft back to singapore! ^_^

» Posted By trav On Saturday, 20th March 2004 @ 08:44

I Am God Damm Pissed

or maybe it was indeed ur sec school teacher, horrified at the creature she thinks you’ve become… heh heh! ๐Ÿ™‚

» Posted By trav On Saturday, 13th March 2004 @ 19:36

english should be no barrier! go gett’em!

william hung is a demonstration of -some- justice in life. more than any other picture perfect pop star hunk, those like him truly deserve a break from people judging by looks and a narrow range of ‘abilities’ and immediately being written off…

it is an inspiration to us nerds all round the world! -grin-

» Posted By trav On Saturday, 13th March 2004 @ 19:35

ahem! misguided souls! do u know about the ubiquitous “why me?” question?
you should have engaged her in a debate in defense of tired teens, and the social pressure that ruins their legs from prolonged standing and turns them into grouchy adults in the future, tenaciously hanging on to their seats when pregnant women come… besides, her lines are really presumptuous and pretty unfounded, so u shouldn’t let them get to you. rather, never let yourself be caught off guard, and be prepared to fight for seat space you believe in, rather than bow to public embarassment, the minds around you will be finer for it as you carve up her limited logic with your sharpened wit and riposte!
by silencing the obnoxious and crude, you score one for civility and politeness, while holding back the dark forces of spasticity and meanness.

some people are just lesser souls, mired in their own self-righteousness and delusions. for all that wealth and progress, people have not learnt to live graciously.

» Posted By trav On Saturday, 13th March 2004 @ 08:45

Nanyang Polytechnic

garn. we all oughtta be back in sec school. i think the changes basically nullify any illusions of prestige that are already in place. and whether that’s good or not is quite debatable.

» Posted By trav On Monday, 1st March 2004 @ 08:57

Aries Men

orhh. just don’t let what u read define you. evaluate it with cool logic and chuck out the negative descriptions of yourself. a horoscope is no excuse for letting bad habits fester.

» Posted By trav On Sunday, 29th February 2004 @ 22:19

wow. lester all fired up about horrorscopes? -laughs-
i usually wonder if i’m influenced by the knowledge of my own horoscope, or whether it’s true that most people under my sign share such tendencies as magazines describe.
while they’re an interesting diversion from time to time, i don’t really trust them. but sometimes they’re a useful starting point for reflections on how one’s own personality is turning out, in order to work towards being a better person.

imho, i’m proud of having libra traits, actually ๐Ÿ™‚

» Posted By trav On Friday, 27th February 2004 @ 22:45

Booking For SAT I Test

ap: u don’t have to take the chance. if you’re not confident, don’t put any addresses on the automatic mail results slip. when u get ur results and u r satisfied, you can instruct ets to send your scores.

» Posted By trav On Friday, 27th February 2004 @ 22:40

matrix… didn’t your movie namesake try to say that people could if they believed? -chuckles- use the force, luke. movies usually try to make us feel a bit better about ourselves, but they do have a point. as lester says, you really never knoe till u try, ya?

» Posted By trav On Wednesday, 25th February 2004 @ 22:28

Dr3aMer: actually, i’m a libra too… -chuckles-
are mcqs supposed to stress the naturally indecisive?

» Posted By trav On Tuesday, 24th February 2004 @ 19:21

have more faith in urself! of course u can pass! ^^
read the stuff to urself and trust ur instincts about what sounds right. languages are spoken with all their quirks to make them grate less on the ears.

» Posted By trav On Monday, 23rd February 2004 @ 23:23

i booked mine thru collegeboard too, and the great thing is that you can book ur SAT IIs thru there as well w/o having to fill up the forms again, coz it saves ur details. the SAT IIs are good for boosting morale too! i chose to take all my tests at RJ (long story)

go for 1600, lester! ๐Ÿ™‚ i tell everyone this, because everyone shortchanges themselves by believing that they can’t. and if you don’t believe you can, you won’t. and i’ve seen dozens of people who’ve managed it. and you can take the test again if u feel ur results are not up to scratch.

» Posted By trav On Monday, 23rd February 2004 @ 22:41

FYP Client On Television

och! sometimes i really wonder how u guys manage to keep up with all the new stuff… maybe i don’t find the interest to look them up so often coz i hardly have the budget to buy any of them, and knowing what i’m missing will only make me miserable. -laughs-

» Posted By trav On Thursday, 19th February 2004 @ 23:23

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