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Italy Winner Of FIFA World Cup 2006

yes…’s very ‘DUH’ action for zidane to headbutt Marco. and i wonder y he still gt the Golden Ball?! Practically, no sportsmanship.

» Posted By xy On Tuesday, 11th July 2006 @ 01:30

Superman Returns

Germany is still going on strong. hope they can win this year’s world cup.

i tot superman is quite nice. simple and captivating. mayb i din expect he has a legacy. well…it’s an old time classic superhero movie. i like superman’s crystal clear blue eyes. hehe. looking forward to the next one.

» Posted By xy On Monday, 3rd July 2006 @ 18:00

World Cup 2006 Day 1

can have polls about the teams participating in world cup. eg”which is your fav team” or “who will in the world cup” this will be fun

» Posted By xy On Saturday, 10th June 2006 @ 16:23

Banning The Da Vinci Code

Haha…you are pretty open about it. that’s gd. well, no doubt the movie is fiction, but it’s content does has a certain value of destructiveness in it. it’s not surprising that the respective religious authorities are upset about it. afterall, nobody likes to be defamed. =)

» Posted By xy On Thursday, 18th May 2006 @ 12:15

GaMerZ Expenses Tracking System

wow……..this is very userful to me. everytime i lost track of my expenses. haha. HJ might nid this too…hehe.

so do i have to manually type in everything i bought?

» Posted By xy On Monday, 1st August 2005 @ 16:13

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