School ended at 1pm for me, went to Bugis Junction to eat teppanyaki with my poly classmates, later on I went to Funan and bought the Microsoft SideWinder Game Pad for $39.90 just to play FIFA World Cup 2002. LOL

Went out again at 6.30pm to buy presents for my 3 friends who will be celebrating their birthday tomorrow, bought a cap, wallet and a pouch for them at Hereen. Hmmm, steamboat buffet at Hotel Royal, that will be the place they will be treating us. Been there once and from my point of view, the steamboat is not really that good, but again that is don’t know how many years back.

Actually, we do not need to go out personally to buy the presents, but thanks to my the other group of friends who bought the presents and never include us inside, thus 7 of us need to buy our own presents for the 3 birthday ‘boys’. This type of friends, cannot make it.

Haha, on another note, fishie’s computer has spoiled, one of the kernel files for windows is missing, thus, she cannot start up windows. LOL