Went to eat the seafood buffet lunch, ok the buffet sucks. Thats all I can say and have to say. Later on we went to Orchard and we spilt. 3 of my friends and I went to watch Monority Report at Plaza Singapura, and the remaining of them went to East Coast Park, don’t know for what.

4 time slots for the show, 3 sold out left 1 slot at 6.15pm but 3rd row from the front, althought is very front, but is not too bad, no need to strain my neck to watch the movie. Movies last 2 hours and 30 minutes. The show is very good and it really deserved 4 stars.

Will be watching The Eye with my poly classmates on Wednesday as we end early on that day.

The guys over at HTGK and paGn has been very good, they had mirrored 2 videos of the Warcraft III launch that have taken place on 2nd July midnight at Funan. The first part(744.80 MB) last 56 minutes and the second part(323.94 MB) last 20 mins. Head over to paGn downloads page to grab the files.

In other news, I had taken a couple of pictures of my Warcraft III collection, they can be viewed here. I will be adding in pictures of the birthday party soon.