Woke up at 1.30pm today, can’t blame me for that, I slept at about 3am last night after coding the image gallery pages, and furthermore it was raining in the morning. Good time to sleep, doesn’t happen eveyday.

Went to Waterloo Street the temple there to pray while on my way to Sim Lim Square, my mom wanted to go SLS to buy UPS for her office computers as power trips is common there and alot of data is lost because of that. The UPS is cheap compared to last time, a APC 500AV UPS cost $118.

DEUI assigment 1 deadline is tomorrow, I shall print tonight. CANI assignment 1 and P&Q2 Assignment 2 deadline on 16th August 2002 (Friday). Both assignments I havent started, DIE DIE DIE.

6th week of school starts tomorrow.