Catch “The Touch” at Lot 1 Shopping mall just now, well the show is not bad, storyline is kinda good but the downside of the show is the animation sucks big time. LOL.

Bought Heart Attack 5 from Music Junction, 3CDs, will be ripping them soon, after that the CD will be collecting dust.

When taking bus to West Mall before I proceed on to Lot 1, I saw a guy using Nokia 7650, wow. I must say that the phone looks good although it is quite big and bulky, the screen resolution is quite sharp and the image taken by the built-in camera seems fine to me. I went to check on the price of teh phone in M1 shop, it is only $918 with 2 years plan, it is alot cheaper than I expected. I expect to be at least $1200. Will be waiting for Nokia 6610. Hehe

Time to backup the MYSQL database.