Went to Tanglin Halt to eat the duck noodle, because it has shifted from Pasir Panjang, it is still as good. My mom from young had been eating from the stall, what a long history that stall has. LOL.

Will be watcing The Signs tomorrow at Cineleisure Orchard with my poly friends. Shows start at 4.45pm, can’t really be borthered to watch nation day parade. Its just the same old thing every year, don’t know why so many people queue overnight for the tickets. If it is given free to me, I also will reject it.

All files has been uploaded to Orientek server, the only thing is that today the MYSQL server went down, of all days, today it went down. Can’t stand it. This is the second time it had happen since the opening of Orientek. Left some minor configurations and to restore the database before this url is redirected.

Tomorrow will be my country’s 37th birthday, HAPPY 37th BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE.