Yap, today is Singapore 37th birthday. Singapore gain independence in 9th August 1965. Happy Birthday Singapore!~!~!~!

Watch Signs today, not a bad show, at lease it was better than Mimic2, the show lasted for 2 hours. Wanted to watch the 4.45pm show, went there at 3pm and the tickets all sold out. Bought the 7pm tickets at about 4pm, almost full house also, sat on the 4th row from the front.

Saw Clarence, my P&Q lecturer at Cineleisure watching the national day parade at the big screen, he said his house no television, lame excuses. LOL

After that, went to Tiong Bahru Market to eat supper with Zhi Wei.

Must start my CANI assignment 1 by hook or by crook tomorrow. Luckily P&Q assignment 2 deadline is extended to 21st August 2002. Hehe.