CANI Assignment 1

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Bascially, the whole day I stayed at home to rush my CANI assignment 1, spend about 7 hours including breaks to get 12 secs of my animation up and running. Went to visit my grandfather and my auntie at Toa Payoh. Went there for my dinner, had fish soup and fried oyster egg. The fried oyster egg at Lorong 6(I think) is recommanded by many televisoon programs like Yummy King and City Beat. It is the best fried oyster egg I have eaten.

Came back and spend about 3 hours extending my animation by 4 seconds, now my total animation lasted about 16 seconds. Got stuck after the 16th second, that is why I took a break to post this piece of blog. Shall countinue my animation later in the afternoon.

It is gettign late, about 1am now. Need to get some rest. Tomorrow still need to attend my last theory lesson.

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