Printed out my P&Q2 Assignment 2, will be going to school to bind tomorrow. I have also printed out my CANI assignment 1 Report. All ready for submission.

Well had my Entrepreneurship presentation in the afternoon, well eveything turns our smoothly for the presentation. Today IWED pratical is a waste of my time, went there pratically did nothing but to mark attendance. If I knew it is a free period, I would come to school later. Spend 2 hours surfing the internet reading on PHP sessions, will be playing around with them soon, if possible, I will try to implement it here, but on the other hand, I don’t think it is necessary.

Will be going to school at about 12pm, because most people will rush thier CANI assignment 1 during the CANI pratical at 9am, so I decided to give that a miss and ask my friend help me mark attendence LOL.