My P&Q2 assignmnet 2 is almsot done, left the minor part which is the cover page and the contents page. Altogther is about 2.3k words(not including summary). Today didn’t do much stuffs, after school come home sleep until about 9pm, eat my dinner and finished up my last bit of P&Q. Wednesday 5pm is the deadline for both CANI and P&Q2.

Got my hands on 3DS Max 5 few days ago, I must say that the GUI is almost the same as Max 4. Well Max 5 has improved and more advanced lighting effects, now radiosity is stimulated instead of having to create alot of lights just to stimulate it, which is so troublesome. The track view is more user friendly now. Still got much more features which I am uncertain of.

Just heard a sad news, my CANI lecturer, Billy, is going to resign after this semester, he is going for backpack travelling, he has been teaching in SP for about 2 years. How sad, we will miss him definately.