My P&Q2 assignment 2 is almost done, left the minor part which is the cover page and the contents page. Altogether is about 2.3k words(not including a summary). Today didn’t do much stuff after school comes home to sleep until about 9 pm, eat my dinner, and finished up my last bit of P&Q. Wednesday at 5pm is the deadline for both CANI and P&Q2.

Got my hands on 3DS Max 5 a few days ago, I must say that the GUI is almost the same as Max 4. Well, Max 5 has improved and more advanced lighting effects, now radiosity is stimulated instead of having to create a lot of lights just to stimulate it, which is so troublesome. The track view is more user friendly now. I still got many more features that I am uncertain of.

Just heard a piece of sad news, my CANI lecturer, Billy, is going to resign after this semester, he is going for backpack traveling, he has been teaching in SP for about 2 years. How sad, we will miss him definitely.