Woo, didn’t know that SP servers do actually contains computer games, played UT and Quake 3 illegally when there is no lab tech. LOL, there are still more games like FIFA and NBA LIVE, wonder will they install Warcraft III? Hehe.

Did my IWED assignment 1, now is about 1k words, still got 2 more points to go before completion, and the deadline is on Saturday. Will try to complete by tomorrow.

Went to Diamaru to eat my dinner, we had Japanese food, yummy. Hehe, the 3 Diamaru outlets will be closing down by March 2003, so after that will not have the chance to eat anymore, had been eating at the Japanese Restraunt for more than 10 years since I was young. What a pity.

Started coding the “Find All User Posted Comments” page, it is still in the very early stages and still buggy, it can be found here.

Tomorrow is the last day for the term. Yahooooo.