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Went to Bugis after school to do some shopping with Alvin and Jacky, ate Tepanyaki at the foodcourt before proceeding to Suntec to countinue our shopping. While walking to Raffles City, we passed by U2 Shop at City Link, went in to look and see, and we 3 saw 1 nice shirt and bought it, cost about $29. Later on we walk round Raffles City until 9pm then went home.

Immediately rushed my IWED when I came home. I have completed it by now and will be uploading it to my teacher after all my group members have agreed to do so. Will countinue my coding later on.

I will be watching Triple X tomorrow. Heard from my friends saying that it is a good show. Hope it is up to my standard. For your infomation, today is the 15th day of the 7th month in the lunar calendar.

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