What an “exciting” Monday, last minute announcements saying that for our next semester elective module (IGRA) will not be teaching C, but JAVA. Here is the quote, “The implementation language for IGRA is JAVA, not C++ as you have been briefed earlier”. This sucks, how can JAVA take over C in games development. JAVA is only good for creating mini games like Yahoo Pool and WAP Games, maybe SP thinks that there are a shortage of JAVA programmers nowadays. Sad, very sad.

I am still in a dilemma whether to choose JAVA which I hate, but can manage, or Design which I cannot manage but do not hate it. Sigh. Life sucks when you have to make difficult decision.

Anyway the exams timetable is out, which is a good thing, I can start to study earlier(as if I will). What a sad and disappointed day. =(