During IWED practical, continue on our assignment 2, finally, the INSERT statement bug is solved thanks to the lecturer’s help. I didn’t know “date” is a reserved word in asp, and that is the bug. LOL

During CANI lecture, our lecturer taught us how to use 3DS Max particles system, the effect that can be produced from that system is fantastic but requires a lot of time to tweak the settings so that it will be at its best.

Had our entrepreneurship presentation today, not too bad, everything went smoothly for that, except the lecturer ask so many questions during the Q&A session.

Met with the ICT heads today, Mr. Quek and Ms. Georgina Phua, both said IGRA is not about teaching programming language it is teaching the methods to create interactive computer graphics, instead of using C as a medium, they use JAVA as a medium. But the techniques can be applied to C also. They will be using JAVA, if you want to use C for that, you need to explore on your own. Well, they explained to us very well, I am satisfied with their explanation. So I think I will be taking VB, IGRA, and PC-Tech as the electives. Tomorrow is the choosing day at 4.30 pm. Hehe.

I went to NP to take some software from my good buddy, pArAnoiA, I will be needing the software next semester. LOL.