Woke up at 2.30pm today, finally had a long sleep. Went to Maxwell market for lunch, ate the fried slice fish soup with rice, the best I ever eaten, that store appeared on Yummy King before. Came back to DEUI assignment 2 part 2(report), Had completed it, 6 pages of text, 3 pages of sketches, 3 pages of questionnaire, 1 content page and 1 cover page. Total up to 14 pages altogther. My home printer sucks, the print quality is lousy, will be going to school to print the 3 pages of sketches.

Went to Fish & Co for dinner at Plaza Singapure, just came back home. Hmmm, maybe later I shall start studying for my entrepreneurship test.

14th week of school starts tomorrow. With about 2 more weeks till semester break.