Didn’t know that my WWWP assignment deadline is next Thusday, thought is this Thusday until our lecturer told us today during the WWWP lecturer, that means less 2 assignment to hand in this week, which is WWWP and DSAL, as for DSAL, the “unofficial” deadline is next Friday. Hehe.

Got 75 marks for my P&Q2 assignment 2(individual), I didn’t expect this because the report I wrote is basically crap, and all my classmates knows I am the best crap writer, in a more polite and civilize way. LOL. Got exams tips for IWED and DSAL today during those 2 lecturers, sounds quite difficult.

Went with my girlfriend to Funan to buy some stationary stuffs, later went to McDonlads for a light snack, tried the McSpaghetti, it is horrible, but it is something new besides burgers. LOL