Nothing much unusual happen in school today escept for a few IWED assignment 2 bugs, fixed all those and ready to pass it up tomorrow. Left school at about 5.30pm for dinner at Suntec City, ate the Laksa at Congress Koptitiam, could not resist the temptation of it, it is simply so delicious. LOL.

Got an A for my WWWP mid-term test. In summary, here are my mid-term test and assignment 1 grades, WWWP Test – A, DEUI Assignment1 – A, IWED Assignment1 – B, P&Q2 Assignment2 – B, DSAL Test – B, ENTRE Assignment – B, CANI Assignment1 – C. Not to bad overall, but there is still room for improvement.

Started coding my DSAL already, it is driving me crazy, JAVA simply cannot make it, lag like shit.